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Isaiah Washington Scrubbed From Greys Anatomy

Updated on June 8, 2007

Isaiah Washington Washed (er..scrubbed) From Grey's - Don't Get Me Started!

As I've said before, I don't watch the show Grey's Anatomy and most likely won't as my Tivo is like a great nightclub - no one (in this case, shows) are getting in until someone leaves. I need my trash television and my Studio 60 (which I guess I'm watching alone according to the ratings - come on people a well written and well acted show like this needs to survive - watch with me on Thursday nights, will ya?). The reason I've taken any interest at all in Grey's Anatomy is due to the "gay" incident or "f" incident as some would call it, when Isaiah Washington referred to co-star T.R. Knight as a faggot. (There I've written it - and will continue to do so as it's so much easier for someone like me who never took a typing course to not have to bother with the quotation marks, you know, hold the shift key, etc. - ugh) According to the latest reports, Washington's contract has not been renewed so he won't be back next season. Isaiah Washington washed (er...scrubbed) from Grey's - Don't Get Me Started!

Washington has been credited as saying about the firing, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." First of all, you're situation is too insignificant for you to try to use a classic Hollywood line (that was delivered amazingly by Peter Finch in the movie Network). Nice try but once again, your words have failed you. Seems to me you shoulda oughta known you can't go against the gay mafia when it comes to Hollywood because they're less forgiving then when you broke you're mother's antique vase while playing ball in the living room. No more will the gay powers that be stand back (or bend over) and take it from celebs who don't show the respect they should be showing (at least publicly). As Mel Brooks said in To Be Or Not To Be, "Without Jews, Gypsys and faggots there would be no theatre!"

We all know that Washington was wrong and wouldn't it be nice if we held all public figures to the same scrutiny we do our actors? I don't know, say, people like General Pace who called homosexuality immoral? (Read that blog... Seems to me we should be more worried about a PSA from General Pace than Isaiah Washington ) And at the same time the "victim" in all of this scandal, T.R. Knight deserves the pussy of the year award. I didn't expect him to challenge Washington to a duel (apparently that's what his gal pal Katherine Heigl is there to do) but his lack of turning this thing around frankly feeds into the whole limp wristed, weak gay stereotype.

Oh sure, he's on the cover of The Advocate's latest issue but when you read the article you really have to wonder how someone with so little personality like Knight became a personality. More shocking was a piece they did about Neil Patrick Harris and Knight appearing at a GLAAD dinner in April where Knight received thunderous applause and a standing ovation and Harris received only a few claps. (You see, we don't like to talk about it all that much but we can be really bitchy as a community, even at high falutin' dinners.) The reason for no standing "O" for Harris was because he had (pardon the expression) skirted the issue about his sexuality for years before coming out (imagine wanting to keep one's personal life private - there's dumb for you, right? <Sarcasm folks>) But because Knight came out after being pushed out by the incident with Washington, apparently he's more "worthy" of our gay adulation. I'd like to remind us gays at this point that he wasn't the one who broke the story, he didn't break ranks to talk to the press after it happened and he wasn't in Brokeback Mountain. So no need to get out your hankies for Knight, boys. He was an unwilling participant in a scandal who did nothing to help educate or move beyond it. (Can you say time for a new press agent?)

I don't expect Knight to go on a tour of high schools with an, "It's okay to be gay" message but I would have liked him to at least do more than just sheepishly walk around like someone's dullard second cousin with his head down going, "Um...yeah,, that's me." But he didn't and I got over it (quickly). I thought that we had all moved on until I saw the firing of Washington in the news today.

Washington will undoubtedly get another job and Knight will grip onto Grey's until the last bit of life is out of it and in ten years none of us will remember either of them unless they find a way to keep re-inventing themselves like Madonna. I don't wish them ill I just wish we as a society could at some point stop focusing on things like this and start focusing on things that really matter. I'm all for us gays getting equal rights but where we get these people who don't understand or hate us is by living our lives respectfully and positively, leading by example in their neighborhoods. Bottom line here is that Washington deserves what he got so hopefully they won't give him any more publicity and we can all go on with our own pursuits of happiness. Isaiah Washington washed (er...scrubbed) from Grey's - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      livelonger you are so right.

      I have no sympathy for Washington either. The only hate group that we know won&#39;t ask him to speak is the KKK. They&#39;ll just like him in private...behind the hoods!!! :)

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      I think visibility is critical. I think bigots got away with a lot of fearmongering about gays by putting up video clips of trannies at gay pride parades and details about Jeffrey Dahmer. If that&#39;s your only image of gay people and you&#39;re already close-minded, then it&#39;s understandable (not acceptable, just understandable) why some people want to deny us rights.

      At the same time, if you know your cousin, coworker and friend are all gay and they seem like reasonably normal people, then you can watch a video clip of trannies or hear about Jeffrey Dahmer and put those in a broader context.

      I have no sympathy for Isaiah Washington. He&#39;s probably getting booked for bigots&#39; speaking tours as I write this. Remember, Falwell left some empty shoes to fill.