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Jesus Called And He Is Not Happy With Ann Coulter

Updated on March 5, 2007

Christ Called And He's Decided Not To Cover The Sin That Is Ann Coulter! - Don't Get Me Started!

Having only been a thespian in my life (no, not a lesbian, a Thespian - look it up) and not a theologian, I have to say that I've never gotten the whole "Christ died for our sins" thing but Ann Coulter apparently knows all about it. She even quoted it once in a speech in an "I don't care who knows it, I know that Christ died for my sins" kind of way. That may be all well and good for her but much like the loons who say Christ talks to them all the time, Christ called and he's decided not to cover the sin that is Ann Coulter! - Don't Get Me Started!

Long have I been and will continue to be a supporter of free speech so I pretty much think anyone can say what they want (even if I don't like it) because after all, isn't that what makes us America and Americans? So I don't know if I mind the comment as much as I do the fact that once again, the holier than thou set's crazy is showing. Much like Dr. Laura before her and Nancy Grace, they start out seemingly normal but once they get a theme song, a show and/or a book deal they become Anthony Newley; cartoons of themselves and full up of their own importance. Their image and ego becomes much larger than their abilities. (So does their hair)

Now I've watched Ann Coulter on Bill Maher and I've always thought that she was good for business, meaning that she talked a good game and she seemed pretty intelligent in representing the conservatives. I never quite cared for her nasal and whiny delivery but then again, not everyone can sound like Brenda Vaccaro, right? The point is that she didn't appear to be mentally impaired but I'm afraid that her cover has now officially been blown. The poor thing has sunk to name calling which even though I don't know him well, I would think would make Jesus melt her rubber What Would Jesus Do bracelet right off her wrist.

The good news is that I've checked with the committee and if he wanted to, we would love to have John Edwards on our side. He's cute enough and his wife is not only loaded but a hoot. I would much prefer him to the newly healed Haggard or some of the other people that have been associated with homosexuality recently. I think there are plenty of us who would even throw Lance Bass back for Edwards.

The thing is that I was called, "fag" every day for four years in high school (sometimes twice a day or more), have been called it in front of my face and I've also been called it behind my back in the corporate culture that is supposed to be so sensitive about how they talk (at least around other people) according to the "sensitivity" training I've been through. But at the end of the day, you can't make people do what they should do from your book of moral ethics and I really don't think legislating the "n" word or the "f" word as it's now called (and let me say I'm a little more than disappointed that we can't use this anymore to mean the word "fuck" now that the "f" word stands for fag apparently - are you listening Wikipedia?) will really change anything. Ignorance is bliss and it's also really loud when it comes to expressing its opinions.

What really gets me is all the "get out of hell" free cards these morons think they get for saying something perfectly awful but following it up with or letting everyone know that they think Jesus has their back (having died for their sins, even though he never met them). How convenient, right? Here's my new theory, the Christians are baiting Jesus. I think that they figure if they do enough crappy stuff in his name or rile him up enough, he'll reappear. It's like the reverse psychology you use on a two year old that seldom works because two year olds are smarter than us and so is Jesus. True, to some, Jesus has all ready appeared in such auspicious places as a grilled cheese sandwich and a doggy door. (Read the blog here Jesus Needs A New Booking Agent!) But for the most part, most are still waiting on him like a downtown bus.

At the end of the day, you have to ask if all the hoopla created around Ann Coulter's recent statement is really worth anyone's energy. Does she matter? Are we making her matter more than we should by giving her all this attention (again, think two year old)? Is it worse that she stopped herself from using the word fag or that she even thought it to begin with? And if a person thinks "fag" but doesn't say it, does that somehow make them a better person, just for not saying it? I for one would prefer to know where I stand with someone (though most of the time you can see or sense the ones who are thinking "fag" but not saying it). Call us names if you want, that's your right as an American but don't be upset when we ignore you or stop giving you air time. (After all, we all know that other than Fox, the gays own television!) In addition, I'm a big believer in what goes around comes around so I just want to warn Ms. Coulter that she doesn't have to wait until she dies to find out how her savior feels about her actions (or sins as it were) because Jesus called and he's decided not to cover the sin that is Ann Coulter! - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 10 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Coulter is a political equivalent of Paris Hilton. She doesn't deserve to be taken seriously or given all the media attention she gets. I predict she won't be invited to future big GOP events. With friends like her, the GOP doesn't need enemies.

    • profile image

      Kathy 10 years ago

      Ann Coulter is proof of the adage that even bad publicity is good publicity, especially when her audience loves to eat gay- and Democrat-bashing up, and especially when it's wrapped up in a package that reminds them of the secretary they used to bang. The cranky Republican pig types just love to eat her up....err, you know what I mean.