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Just thinking

Updated on November 2, 2008

just thinking

This really has nothing to do with anything. Just rambling. 
It's amazing how we go through life. It's ups and downs lefts 
and rights. And at the time your doing something you may think 
to yourself is this right? it's come to my attention though 
that there are some things that don't require thought. you 
don't question you just do. and you don't regret it. it's weird
 that those are sometimes the biggest decisions you'll ever 
make. you know life changing kind of stuff. should i move? 
should i get married? have kids? quit my job and start my own 
business? and for as complex as those question could be you 
hear a definite yes come out of your mouth. and you are as sure
 of that answer as you are your own name. it's also come to my 
attention that usually those are the best decisions you'll 
every make. and you'll sit back 5, 10 15 years from then and 
say wow i am so glad i did that. i've never looked back 
since. the road's been hard but worth it. so i guess what all
 this rambling is about is take a chance. you'll always miss 
100% of the shots you never took. and there's always someone 
next in line waiting to take the opportunity you missed out 
on. so there you go. thats my thought.

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