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Just For Men Hair Color For Gay Men

Updated on May 23, 2007

Just For Men - Haircolor For Men (Yeah, Gay Men,That Is) - Don't Get Me Started!

Okay, so when the folded sealed card came in the mail with two men on the front with their capped teeth and they're coordinating colored short sleeved polo shirts, I figured it was just another card for another product. But as soon as I opened it, I noticed something a little different about this piece of advertising. Could it be the men seemed, I don't know...really enjoying one another's company a little more than in most ads? Did they resemble older International Male models a little too much? (Read that blog here...Remember the International Gay...I Mean, International Male Catalog?) What was it about this card? As I always look at the pictures first (with any book or anything) it just made me a bit quizzical. Then I realized, oh my God, this is a gay, gay, gayer than gay advertisement. Just For Men - Haircolor for men (yeah, gay men that is) - Don't Get Me Started!

Here's the honest to God text verbatim from inside the folded card (in italics) and my comments after...

Stay In The Game

Gray hair can hide who you really are. Just For Men Haircolor brings back the natural-looking color you had before you started going gray. With Just For Men, they'll see the real you. Oh really? They'll see the real you? But isn't the real you gray? So if you're all dyed up like a pump that goes with a bridesmaid dress, how are they going to really see the "real" you? (Here's a get to see the real guy - when they take off their pants, which they'll do if you're doing your job right at all, find the driver's get the real age and usually a chuckle from the photo. Of course if they don't put their wallet in their pants because it will make only one of their cheeks look like a bubble butt than you're out of luck. And if they carry their wallet in their man purse well then, you're just on your own.)

It's Romantic

He likes it when you make a little extra effort to look great for him. Getting rid of gray says you take care of yourself. Absolutely...NOT. A little effort is taking yoga to be more limber or getting your hair cut the way they like it instead of the way you like it. And by all means, never mind that you're six hundred pounds, just dye your hair cause that says you take care of yourself.

And finally...

It's Says You're One Of The Guys

When your gray is gone, you fit in better with everyone. With Just For Men you look - and feel - like you really belong. Well, that's it! Yes, I guess if you only hang around with people twenty years your junior, then yes, I guess you "fit in better with everyone" you're currently hanging around with if you don't have any gray in your hair but for those of us who actually date and hang around with people close to our age (the real one), gray is just fine, thank you very much.

I need a product telling me that I'm too old to be gray (or gay as it were) about as much as teenage girls need another airbrushed photo of a model on a cover of a magazine proving that no matter how they starve themselves they'll never be thin or pretty enough as the model that was created electronically. Go ahead, please feed on the gay growing up fear to sell your hair dye like a piranha because you know what? We'll all buy into it as much as everyone who ever bought a Chia Pet, Ginsu knives or The Clapper.

Come on gays, haven't we all had just about enough? I mean, I don't care if you dye your hair (God knows I did for awhile) but just because you don't dye you're hair doesn't say you're not one of the guys, in fact it tells me that you're confident in who you are, what you have to offer the world and are probably someone I'd want to know as opposed to the deluded men who dye their hair too much, tan too much and have all the muscles but sound like gas is escaping whenever they speak.

Trust me when I say, I wasn't picked for any team at any time so the last thing I need now that I'm in my forties and going gray is an ad telling me I'm not one of the guys. I heard enough of that throughout my academic life and beyond. It's like the Paul monologue from A Chorus Line when he says, "See when I quit school, what I was doing was trying to find out who I was and how to be a man. You know, there are a lot of people in this world who don't know how to be men. And since then, I found out that I am one. I was looking for the wrong thing. I was trying to be butch." So you'll excuse me Just For Men, if I don't equate having dyed hair as a sign of "being one of the guys."

I get it, I'm taking it too seriously or I should be excited that a mainstream company has advertising for the gays. Well, perhaps I am taking it too seriously but forgive me for not getting all goose pimply over the fact that this company has a smart (and most likely gay, gay, gayer than gay) marketing executive. Good for them for getting money out of us but they need to remember that some of the people they're marketing to understood a long time ago that no matter how much we worked out or dyed our hair, we were never going to be carded at a bar again and are okay with it. And besides, it throws the whole balance of the gay culture off. If the "Daddies" are going to dye their hair to look like the "Twinks" then no one is going to know who to go to when it comes time to be "taken care of" in the style they'd like to grow accustomed to.

I don't know, I guess it's just another step in us gays trying to gain acceptance (from one another). So stay in the game, be one of the guys, after all, it's romantic dying your hair. (Or so they say) Just For Men - Haircolor for men (yeah, gay men that is) - Don't Get Me Started!

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      pelicano 6 years ago

      You seem nice!

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      dan 7 years ago

      men dying their hair is great