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Kabir songs

Updated on December 20, 2007

Kabir Love Songs - 1

Samajh Dekh Man Meet Piyarva,

Aashiq Ho Kar Sona Kya Re?

Paya Ho To Den Le Pyare,

Paye Paye Fir Khona Kya Re?

Rookha Sookha Gumka Tukra,

Feeka Aur Salona Kya Re?

Jab Ankhiyan Me Neend Ghaneri,

Takiya Aur Bichona Kya Re?

Kahet Kabir Prem Ka Marag,

Sir Dena To Rona Kya Re?

samaJa doK mana maIt ipyarvaa

AaiSak haokr saaonaa @yaa ro

payaa hao tao doM lao Pyaaro

payao payao ifr Kaonaa @yaa ro

$Ka saUKa gama ka TukZa

fIka AaOr salaaonaa @yaa ro

jaba AiKyaaoM maoM naIMd GanaorI

tikyaa AaOr ibaCaOnaa @yaa ro

kht kbaIr p`oma ka maarga

sar donaa tao raonaa @yaa ro


Understand perceive O beloved mind

How can you slumber and be a Lover?

Having received then share it all

Or would you rather lose it possessing?

If crumbs be all that you have to fare

Does it matter if it is salt less or tasty?

When eyes are loaded with deep sleep

What is then the pillow and bedding?

Says Kabir, such is the path of Love

Why lose heart having committed yourself?

My Understanding

In this song, Kabir explains the human feelings and emotions of one in Love. We all know that when we are in love, our situation is such that we are unable to control our emotions. We almost get obsessed and even become unaware of our surroundings and the concept of time. Seemingly in love, we are sometimes lost and all caution is thrown to winds and we get possessed.

Kabir, in this wonderful love song, makes us aware of this phenomenon. In simple and clear words he warns us to be awaken and be aware.

As if talking with himself, Kabir poses candid questions relating to different situations and by building an equation, reveals the answers. Love can be a very painful affair particularly when we get attached and bound with someone. The separation causes a lot of pain. In modern society, divorces take place everyday causing a lot of suffering. But, is Love to be blamed for this or our own ignorance and perception of love?

Love seeks itself and receives only to give. Love breeds compassion and fortitude to endure the hardships of life which come to everyone in one form or the other. Nothing matters when you are truly in Love, for Love is the source of all strength. So says Kabir, one should not lose heart for the path of Love is such.


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    • omdelhi profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 

      10 years ago from New Delhi


      Nice one.


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