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Updated on June 10, 2007

Written by: Jaclyn Popola

Since it's creation in June 2004, has been one of many initiatives operating at the forefront of online safety. Adult-citizen contributers fight daily against internet sex predators and the organized pedophilia movements present on the Internet. Chat rooms and social networking sites such as MySpace are fertile ground for predators, usually men, seeking out young children. Sometimes they are looking for cybersex, or to exchange pornographic images (both of which are illegal when doing so with a minor). This is bad enough, but sometimes they are looking for more--much more. Take the case of Kacie Rene Woody, for instance. Kacie, an outgoing and friendly 13-year old girl from Greenbriar, Arkansas, was abducted from her home in December 2002, and murdered by a 47-year old San Diego man she had met in a Christian chat room. She was raped and shot in the head before being found chained to the floor in the back of Dave Fuller's van. The suspect shot himself in the head before authorities could arrest him.

The creation of the internet has opened up a whole new world for criminals to roam around in. PJ's tireless volunteers scour the net as decoys, posing as 12- or 13-year olds, hoping to attract the attention of a predator before a real 13-year old does. Once they make contact, all chat logs, photographs, and webcam images exchanged between the predator and the decoy are recorded. If, throughout the course of the conversation(s), the predator solicits the minor for sex in any way, PJ hands all evidence over to local authorities and works with police so that an arrest can be made and a conviction attained. then posts the personal information, recorded chat logs, and conviction status on their website. They are perfectly within their legal right and have no qualms about doing so. And why should they? These men hide behind their anonymity, committing acts they know are wrong and immoral but using the Internet to remain faceless. They give up their right to that anonymity when they start using it to lure and manipulate.

Chris Hansen confronts a man who thought he was going to be meeting a 15-year old virgin
Chris Hansen confronts a man who thought he was going to be meeting a 15-year old virgin
Most recently, PervertedJustice and it's more prominent, experienced members have been featured on the Dateline NBC program "To Catch a Predator" starring Chris Hansen. For these investigations, PJ decoys arrange actual meetings with the men that contact them online asking for sex. NBC rents out a house in the suburbs (to date they have filmed in Florida, Ohio, California, Washington D.C., and Texas) and the decoys, posing as a child home alone, invite the men over. Once there, instead of being greeted by an eleven-year old, the man is greeted by Chris Hansen. He confronts the predator about what he was about to do, citing excerpts from his chat logs. For example, here is a bit from the chat log of Paul Short, age 34 (screen name: fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe) who thinks he is communicating with a 13-year old girl.

Early on in the conversation, her age is established:

fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (1:35:56 PM): Oh? Well, how old are you?

sadlilgrrl (1:36:16 PM): i'm almost 14.

But that doesn't stop him from proceeding with vulgar and inappropriate questions:

fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (1:55:54 PM): Do you understand what you will do for me?

sadlilgrrl (1:56:03 PM): i'll do what you tell me to do.

fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (1:56:15 PM): Anything I tell you?

sadlilgrrl (1:56:28 PM): yes

fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (1:56:38 PM): You do know I am looking for a sex-slave, right? Do you want to be that sex-slave?

sadlilgrrl (1:57:08 PM): yes

fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (1:57:14 PM): Are you sure about that?

sadlilgrrl (1:57:34 PM): yes. ill do anything to stop feeling so empty.

After being confronted, the suspect is then told he is being filmed for Dateline NBC, and that he may leave. Upon doing so, local authorities are on-site to make the arrest. Men ranging in age from 19 to 65 have shown up at the house bringing condoms, alcohol, adult films, handcuffs and more. Upon a vehicle search, one man was found to have rope and duct tape in his possession. Another man undressed in the adjoining garage and entered the home completely naked. No signed release is needed to air this footage on national television. As media entities, as long as they information they post is true, neither MSNBC and are not breaking a single law.

Keep your children safe by monitoring what they do online. Take advantage of available safety procedures (providers like America OnLine allow parents to select age appropriate settings that prohibit users from entering certain online areas.) Encourage teens to withhold identifiers such as location and what school they attend on sites like MySpace and Friendster. Tell your children to NEVER give out personal information such as address, phone number or even last name while in chat rooms. There's a fine line between protecting your children and invading their privacy, but it's a line worth walking if it means keeping them safe.

"To Catch a Predator" video clip


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I so remember this, but with age .I am foggy on how it wroked. What was the MASH??? and did you count the sections separately or together please post the instructions for all of us who kind of remember. PS I believe at one point I played this I was supposed to marry STING and I was going to be a princess driving a limo while living in Hawaii!! Damn, it didn't really tell my fortune I guess!

    • profile image

      Daneus Tran 

      9 years ago

      I recently was notified about the comment here, and wish first to offer my apologies, there was no intent to cause or worry anyone. when in chat, you can't know for sure the age/gender of others, and Roleplay can take a number of forms, while I admit my preferred type of roleplay is intimate. thinking about the concern this raised, I have made the decision that I will ask for a person's age, and if they are not of legal age, will not proceed with roleplay of an intimate nature, I have no intent of trying to meet up with anyone, and apologise again for the concern and worry this caused.

      I do have rules, for roleplay, which ideally, will prevent problems from arising

      1) all involved want to take part in the roleplay that is to occur

      2) all involved will be comfortable with the nature of the roleplay/setting etc

      3) all involved will enjoy the roleplay taking place

      4) nobody is hurt by the roleplay

      I have never intended to hurt or upset, anyone or give them a need for concern, and as mentioned, due to the worry and concerns that arose, i have made the decision there to make sure i ask a person's age, and if under the legal age, will not proceed with roleplay of an intimate nature.

      hopefully the people i speak with will be honest about their age/gender, and this will hopefully avoid any similar concerns and/or worries in the future.

      If they are not honest, I am not able to know a person's age/gender just from chatting with them, but have put the rules there, and the new decision about their age, to try to avoid problems/concerns/worries etc that may otherwise arise, and hope that they will be honest with me, so that I can avoid further concerns of this nature arising.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      What is wrong with the people whom run MySpace? I WAS a member with a current profile.I left recently due to another member, this member, by the way, is still there. Display Name,PleasurePistol, real name Donald Terry Benson. You know its really a shame when they will bounce you, but leave a known SEXUAL PREDATOR there on their site. I made the mistake of not checking him out before adding him to my Friend's List. He knew I was underage, thus this profile is private.He started to bombard me with all sorts of sexual questions,would I do this or would I like him to do this to me.And that he would like to meet and get to know one another,yeah right all he was interested in doing with me was try to get in my pants. Oh and something I foud quite funny was HIS WIFE gave him her permission to troll the Internet for sex. LOSER!!!! After I found out the truth about this SLEAZEBAG,I took myself off his Friend's List ASAP. 49, toothlees and overweight.OOOOH, YEAH DON'T WE ALL WANT THAT,I hope that drips with sarcasm as it was intended. And when is MySpace going to say goodbye to BAD NEWS.

    • profile image

      Leigh Jackson 

      9 years ago

      I am here, wondering if I can get some help.I am also a young female whom has been harrassed by this Donald Terry Benson. Why is there nothing being done by MySpace on the behalf of the females making complaints against this CREEP?He told me this was his wife Leora'sa idea, for him to get on sites, such as MySpace, FaceBook and so on, to try and hookup through those sites with females for sex.HOW DISGUSTING!!! He and his wife live in Delaware,Oklahoma to be exact.I GUESS BECAUSE THEY THINK WE ARE KIDS, IS WHY NOTHING IS BEING DONE!!!!! WE NEED SOMEONE TO STAND UP FOR US, AND BEFORE ANYONE GOES THERE MY MOM HAS TRIED TO GET THEM TO DO SOMETHING, BUT BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THEY BLEW HER OFF!!!! You can go there right now and you will find a 14 year old female on his friends list, what does a 49 year old man have in common to talk about with her,hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder. He is toothless, overweight, ahhhh everything a girl would want in their man,NOT. I will give him one thing, he is persistent, once he approaches you, he won't leave you alone.HE IS JUST AN OVER SEXED PERVERT, USING THESE SITES FOR HIS SICK NEEDS. He has hit up on some of my friends and we have been comparing conversations , just to be sure we were talking about the same guy, BINGO. IS THERE ANYTHING AS MINORS WE CAN DO, THAT SOMEONE WILL PAY ATTENTION TO, AND GET THIS GUY OFF MySpace? He is an Online stalker for sure. So anyone female that is on MySpace, if you are approached by a guy with this screenname there, beware, PleasurePistol at MySpace. And he has also contacted me via my email address, that I signed up with MySpace with, how he got it,I DO NOT KNOW!!!! I sure as heck didn't give it to me. He has 2 and a Yahoo email address, .Oh, and I thought you might like to know the comment, he made to me about, To Catch A Predator, he says he is to smart, to be caught up like that, and he would know if he was being set up. Is this guy ARROGANT or what?

    • profile image

      Karen Kuralt 

      9 years ago

      I recently joined MySpace, been there maybe a week, when this 49 year old MARRIED PERVERT saw me N a cxhat. NO BIGGIE, I THOUGHT. But then this JERK came at me with,I LOVE ME SOME UNDERAGE FEMALES. I told him,I wasn't interested and left the chat. But that didn't deter him any, he hit me up again, this time under the name I use there. I HAVE BLOCKED HIM, ALL I CAN FIGURE IS HE HAS ANOTHER NAME HE USES THERE, AND THUS HE CONTACTED ME AGAIN. I HAVE COMPLAINED TO MySpace TILL I'M BLUE N THE FACE, THEY REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING.ITS SHAME YOU CAN'T GO TO THESE SORT OF PLACES WITHOUT BEING HARRASSED BY SOMEONE LIKE HIM. My Mom knows about this situation as well, and she began digging into his background and found that he is a SEXUAL PREDATOR from Texas and now he has moved to Oklahoma and what a coincidence he hasn't registered there as a SEXUAL PREDATOR. I am trying to put the word out there about this SICKO. sO IF u SHOULD RUN ACROSS A PROFILE, WITH THE NAME Donald Terry Benson, and screenname PleasurePistol, I would advise U to stay as far away from this CREEP as possible. Email addresses associated with him R, and his Yahoo email address is, TT_AND_THE_BOYS@yahoo. com . The only reason I mention these is somehow got my email address and was bothering me there. And one last thing, he is telling the females he has contacted this is cool with his wife and as a matter of fact supposedly she is the one that put him up to doing these things. Evidently she is out of her mind. THEIR WEDDING VOWS MUST NOT HAVE MEANT A THING TO EITHER ONE OF THEM. But that's on them.

    • profile image

      Alexandria Bell 

      9 years ago

      Yeah,I have something to say,I have tried everything I can think of to get MySpace to do something about this guy, whom I have found through a little investigation is a sexual predator. He has made contact with several of my friend's there. He using MySpace to troll for underage females for sex. MySpace doesn't seem to care that he is on their site.He had at one point had pics of himself engaging in sex with children posted their. His name there is, PleasurePistol and his name is Donald Terry Benson. I WANT SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THIS SCUMBAG, before he affects another young girl's life.

    • profile image

      jeff scott 

      10 years ago

      just stopped by to say keep up the good work;)

    • profile image

      teresa turner  

      10 years ago

      I think what you do is wonderful and recentely has hit home for me, my 14 year old daughter was recently caught talking to a 33 year old man doing this thing called Role Playing. It scared the breath out of me and you truly can't find out any information on him. His screen name is Daneus Tran and he says that he is from New Zealand.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This program you have is great and MSNBC To catch a predator l,am very greatful they show that program on tv..I don't have any children..I believe if they could find a way in the future to try and take chat lines off of the internet we wouldn't have this sick problem in our beautiful country that we live in...My question is to the internet is why can't they take chat lines off of my space I don't like that website I feel it isn't good website to be on..If they took chat off of the internet on every website then our children would be safe...

    • profile image

      daniel schulz 

      10 years ago

      thanks for the great work you are doing.keep it up.i was molested by my older brother ata very young age and know first hand the scars that this type of abuse can create.when i watch chris and the police bring one of these lowlifes down i cheer 14 year old son and i watch the show together and i believe it is a great learning experience.thanks again

    • becauseilive profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from N.J.

      Kelly, are your daughter and this man dating? Are they in a relationship? If so, and he is abusive, you must encourage her to seek help. Now that she is no longer a minor, unfortunately there is not much you can do unless she WANTS you to do it. If it is physical, and you witness it being physical, absolutely call the police. If she wants to get away from him, file a restraining order, etc., help her to do that. Offer her a safe haven in your home and in your arms, and love her unconditionally. I would say talk with your daughter and find out how she feels about him, then figure out what you can do to help her. Ask her what she needs. Good luck to you.

    • profile image

      kelly kester 

      11 years ago

      I fear for my daughter, graduated from high school , an honors student, who met a guy on myspace and he is now following her to her college campus. He has arranged to live with college students next to the campus in an apt.He has been arrested. He is older, controlling and verbally abusive and there is much more.... I need to be proactive . Please help me..


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