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Kids Gadgets: Fisher Price Pixter

Updated on March 11, 2008

Etch A Sketch Gets A Makeover

You probably had an Etch A Sketch as a child—with the fun little red frame, drawing weird designs by turning the little knobs, clearing the screen by shaking it up and down, side to side. Then came the Magna Doodle, which gave you more creative freedom with a magnetic “pen” to sketch out your drawings with. Instead of shaking your work away, you used a slider to erase your artwork.

Today’s children have evolved beyond the Etch A Sketch and the Magna Doodle to colorful, multi-media gadgets. The Fisher Price Pixter is just one example of the many handheld games now available for children.

Create Your Own Video - Pixter Demo
Create Your Own Video - Pixter Demo

The Pixter

This electronic toy is similar to the Etch A Sketch and Magna Doodle as your child can draw on the screen. But from this point on, the Pixter is nothing like the older toys. This gadget offers your young artist different art tools and stamps. Plus, the Pixter has a combination of scenes that your kid can use as a drawing base. There are also color-by-number pictures, connect the dots, and hidden pictures that your child has to reveal by using the stylus pen.

The Pixter also lets your child play games and create videos. There are different games offered, but you can also add more later. Videos can be watched after you add the video software. This provides 20 minutes of video watching ability for your child. There are also tools that create videos, using characters like Sponge Bob and Dora.

It is has a plastic shell, so you don’t have to be afraid your child will drop and break this electronic gadget. Designed for children between the ages of four and ten years old, the newer versions of the Pixter have an art studio, video player, and games. The gadget uses four AA batteries, and you can use rechargeable batteries.

The Pixter has been marketed as a learning tool, but it really is more of a multi-media toy that your kids can use to have fun.

This kid gadget is a great, multi-use game that your children can use for many different entertainment purposes. Since it offers so many options, it will keep your kids busy longer. There are no options for boredom with this fun game.


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