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Korean TV Series, "Spring Waltz" in its Psychological Depths

Updated on December 24, 2008

All we need is love. Real love.


(this is just a part of the whole series... we can squeeze more on the whole... but that will flood my page...)

Arianne was given a trip to Austria as a prize for winning a contest in handicrafts making. During her trip she was able to meet Yna, Phillip and Chris.


Phillip felt special about her; but because of the language barrier and her innocence, she was not able to recognize it. Yna, on the other hand, had her eyes on Chris who happened to be her classmate and a childhood friend. Chris left Korea for almost 15 years and Yna really missed him. Upon seeing him, she thought that he would be happy to see him but the very opposite of it happened.


It was because he wanted to forget Korea because it would just remind him of bad memories and bitter past. However, it is undeniable that there was a memory that gave him sweet and warm feeling. It was his memory with Arianne, the happiest and the brightest of all.


Chris was now a well-known pianist. He had a concert which he played a piece which he described as a ‘reminder of his childhood best friend’. Yna thought that it was her but on Chris’s mind; it was Arianne, the girl who became his first best friend and first love. While he was playing the piece, he recounted his childhood’s bitter-sweet memories.


Originally, he was not Chris Yoon. He was Jeric, a boy who was left by his father to his childhood friend which happened to be Arianne’s adaptive mother. Vis-à-vis the fact that his father abandoned him, he became mad at Arianne. But as time passed by, they became close and they treated each other like siblings.


Despite the acceptance and affection that Arianne showed him, he continuously played jokes on her. However, one time, Jeric went too far. He tricked Arianne that he was drowning in the sea. Arianne believed him and attempted to save him but she had a heart ailment and she should not be exhausted. She almost died in that incident.


Her ailment developed. When it repeated she badly needed an operation to survive but they had no money. At the same time, Jeric was offered by a couple he met at the hospital that if he will come with them, they would finance Arianne’s operation. He agreed and thus he changed his identity from Jeric to Chris Yoon. Unfortunately, his new father told him that Arianne passed away.


After the concert he saw Alice whom he first met in the train. He was aware that Phillip had a deep interest towards her but it was just after some days that he discovered that the girl’s real name was Arianne. He wanted to be sure of his feeling for at times the girl he knew as Alice really reminded him of Arianne. Therefore, he tried to search for her but she had already left Austria. But his search did not end there for he went back to Korea to search for her and this time to be sure if she and his friend before was all the same person.


Spring Waltz Epsode 1 (clips)


 Traces of Egoistical Relative Deprivation



Basing from Chris Yoon’s childhood experience, it could be assumed that he was subjected to relative deprivation since then. In the story, I found out that he had this twice. First is when he was left by his father and the second was when he was forced to leave his childhood best friend and to change his identity from Jeric to Chris.


Crosby identified five preconditions determining the existence of RD which is greatly dependent upon their determinants and eliciting resultant behaviors out from the mediating variables. Below is an explanation of how did RD existed in Chris Yoon and eventually affecting his life.


Let us focus on the second, when Jeric had to change his identity to Chris Yoon, he also became subjected to RD. This was more complex due to the fact that he was first deprived of father’s love and he let himself be deprived of an identity and Arianne’s affection because he knew that it’s the only way for Arianne to get well from her heart ailment. Collectively, he carried those bad memories for many years producing emotions and realizations resulting to a more abstract form of relative deprivation.


Indeed, the object (x) he wanted to possess was not as simple as good grades or high salary. It was having a good life with love and happiness that was deprived of him due to intertwining situations and inevitable misfortunes. However, it can also be noted that he found love, acceptance and happiness by being with Arianne, thus, X may also pertain to a life with Arianne or Arianne per se.



Spring Waltz's One Love (Music Video OST English Version)


Attitudes & Behavior of the Main Character

            Spring Waltz let two charactersfloated higher in the pool of the story. They were Chris and Arianne. Phillip and Yna also had important roles but the center of discussion shall be focusing on the former pair’s attitude and behavior.

            Chris to Arianne

o        ATTITUDE: Chris deeply missed Arianne. He believed that the times they spent together was the happiest however he had an uncertainty over Arianne’s fate. 


o        BEHAVIOR: He did things that were found by some to be hard to comprehend. In an instance, when he found out that the girl Phillip brought to the party was named Arianne, he quickly left Phillip and Yna. The two did not know why he left them, but it was because he wanted to be sure if the girl was really his childhood friend. In his concert, he also played a piano piece which greatly reminded him of their memories together which he treasured most. 


            Arianne to Chris

o        ATTITUDE: She believes that Chris was unfriendly, insensitive, arrogant and bigheaded. (She had no idea that Chris was Jeric.)

o        BEHAVIOR: She intended to leave the piano concert upon knowing that Chris would be the musician. She yelled at him and walked out during the party.


Fisbein’s and Ajzen’s Theory of Reasoned Action


            The Theory of Reason Action aims to predict the social behavior of individuals. It is used as the basis of some researches about moral behaviors and unethical behaviors. Thus, the theory postulates that in the situation of predicting if a person is going to cheat on an exam, a person would decide to cheat on an exam on the basis of their attitudes toward that particular behavior and how important people in their lives would feel about whether to do the cheating or not.

            Through this example applying the principle of the theory, it could be fleshed out that an action/behavior is based on their attitude toward the action/behavior. The subjective norm is also taken into consideration before performing the certain action or behavior.

            Let us consider this particular event: 

            When Phillip gave Arianne tickets to a Piano concert of Chris Yoon, she promised that she would go there. Hence, she went on a train and accidentally bumped into a Korean guy. She also unexpectedly sat in front of him. Because of her friendly nature, she tried to talk to him but he never responded. Later she knew that it was Chris but for some reasons she introduced herself as Alice. Because of Chris did not became so nice to her, she made an inference that he was arrogant.   

            She arrived at the concert and saw that it was Chris who would play the piano. Because she did not find him nice and because the pieces he played was sad, he decided to leave. Phillip saw her and insisted that she should not leave. He even invited her to a party, giving her a beautiful gown. Because of Arianne saw his kindness, she then agreed although she knew that she would eventually meet Chris, the bigheaded, again.

            In analysis, Arianne was the person. She then had an ambivalent attitude toward the idea of staying at the concert. As an initial response or technically called as the behavioral intention, she walked out the hall but because of the interference of another factor, the subjective norm, she changed the behavior. The subjective norm, which was Phillip and his kindness towards her drew out an action/behavior that she would not leave the concert and the party as well.

            To conceptualize, before performing an action, a person does not only consider his/her own self but also look at other factors which would let him/her rationalize the action s/he plans to perform. This would then elicit an action that is reasonable for his/her self and for the society around him/her. 


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