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Kuselan Movie Review

Updated on August 2, 2008

Kuselan the Movie

This is a dramatic movie version of a Historical Legend of two Friends , Sudhama and Krishnan(God) , Where Krishnan is rich and Sudhama is a poor man .

The movie Kuselan revolves around a person "Pasupathy Balakrishnan" who happens to be a close childhood friend of Super Star Raj Kumar(Rajni Kanth), and now a struggling Barber. Pasupathy leads his life with strong principles and values , which becomes a bottleneck to lead a practical life. He is married into Sridevi (Meena) and has 3 Children (2 GIrls and 1 Boy).

Pasupathys idilogy obstructs him in getting a bank loan for renovating his barber shop and competing with a not so modest "Barber Shanmugam" (Vadivelu).

Barber Shanmugam used to work for Pasupathy , but learned all the tricks of living a practical life . He quits pasupathy and starts his own barber shop. His way of making money is by sending duplicate police to different places and look for people with lot of hair and knock them out . Then , shave their hair and charge Rs50/Person . This is the secret of his financial successful . But , Thi is not enough to have his first night with a hot wife (not so hot) . She expects him to bring home Rs1000 every day and with the latest news of a Super Star Movie getting shot in their village , the Hot Wife of Barber Shanmugam wants a Photo with Super Star , before she agrees to the first night .

Barber Shanmugam with his knack of getting things done manages to meet super star and get a picture with his wife . There ends the story line of Barber Shanmugam.

Meanwhile , The entire village comes to know about pasupathy & super star friendship . Almost , Every one wants to cash in on their friendship by getting an intro with Super Star. Pasupathys is a very modest person who feels very shy to go in front of his super star friend . Also , Super Star , is now in a Z Category protection due to some naxalities threat , Which is making Pasupathy all the more difficult to reach out to his friend. His inability to reach out to his friend make the villagers believe , that he is a lier and he was never been a friend of Super Star. This is a big set back to Pasupathy integrity .

Pasupathy is a happy go lucky person , who believes in a simple live . This new presure from the villagees to get them introduced to Super Star is making his sleep go away. He even think of abandoning the village , until the Super Start leaves the village .

The tryst with destiny is at the climax , when Super Star comes as a chief guest to the schools silver jubliee function where Pasupathy children goes to .There , while giving a speech Super Star breaks out and talks about his friend Pasupathy Balakrishnan. This is a very emotional scene and is sure to touch the feelings of many .

There are 5 songs in the movie , One of them is a solo # of Nayanatara which she has done very well. This is the hot song .

The movie is all about pasupathy and his humility.This is definitely not a commercial movie . Rajni comes only for 30-40 minutes (apart from the songs) . Nayanatara hardly has 10 lines of dialogue. She is a 100% galamour doll in this movie. Which she acted very well.

Vadvelu has done a good job .

A burst of comedians in this movie -- makes the movie churn through , Other wise it is a little slow and boring movie...

I watched this movie in AMC Renton , where they gave a complimentary audio CD of Kuselan . Very Nice Gesture and also a good revenue model for to curb (You wish :)) the music piracy . Sell Audio along with Movie Tickets...


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