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LET us watch a play ( editn' crisis)

Updated on January 8, 2009

if You wont move your ass to watch a play and would rather stick to the tc screen 24/7 this is for you

Click!There goes the TV. The televisionz is an important invension, yet people nowadays would rather watch a movie on TV rather than watch that same film or play being performed on stage.But why? To me, watching a play being performed on stange is much more fun. And hopefully, after readering this article, you might call me and want to watch something being performed on stage together.

Imagine for a second that Sophocles' masterpiece (Antigone) is being performed on stage, would you watch it? Oh, No! And i guess because you are lazy (lol= no offence guys but it is a FACT). First of all, watching a dramatic play being performed is much more like getting sucked into an amazing universe created by teh playwright. This helps the viewers relate to every single emotion and action. For example, reading about or watching Antigone commit suicide creates a dense mood and feeling that might cause some viewers to shed tears. And if you watched Antigone commit suicide, you would probably remember her last facial expression combined with sorrow and despair for eternity. In addition to that, plays help in developing our imagenary skills since they bring characters back to life and maintain eye-contact. As part of the audience, there is no doubt that you can relate to the universal theme, mood, and emotions.Thus, the screen - barrier- is broken, and the audience is in direct contact with the characters. For instance, when Creon loses everything, the tragic mood gives a touch of sorrow. And some of the young viewers can't help it but think and try to relate to what the Sophocles is trying to convey. This indeed, makes the viewed play more memorable and engraves ints morals and themes in the hearts of the audience.

Hey! What are you waiting for? I am done here why don't we hed down to the theatre and watch one of those plays being performed so you can judge? Shall we?


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 9 years ago from Lebanon

      i mean theatre is awesome...but it is a dying art... on the other hand, as u said it should be patronized! And yes, though the effect are primative with respect to the technology being applied while filming a movie , it is this same fact that makes it more appreciatable than watching a movie . i wish if Antigone were being performed, trust me when i say am A HUGE FAN! i would probably watch it a thousand times :D.. If you haven't read the play yet, take a look and you might really enjoy its twists and turns ( maybe you would even like it ) tell me what do you think later...

      c ya ...

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I love going the theatre whenever there's a chance (meaning free ticket! LOL). yep you are right, it's one of the oldest art forms in the world which should be patronizes lest it becomes irrelevant. Moreover, I appreciate the fact that what's going on on the stage is real time - as opposed to films that could be edited - thereby giving more palpable electricity! So this was what's missing earlier on! LOL don't rush publishing your hubs and take some time to edit ie check the spelling etc.

      What's next on the playbill? :D