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Updated on November 2, 2006

news headlines

As a newspaper reader the headline is the first thing that catches her eyes. The latest news that happened recently is the murder of two babies which the reader is emotionally touch. News reporters flock to the area for more details about the murder. Two local newspapers covered the events and later on national newspapers have their own versions . Following up the daily news there is a custody battle between the parents of who will take care of the two babies aged three and one. What is most intriguing about the news is that only one month ago they are taken away from the care of their grandparents and some months before a counsellor of the Children's Aid Society are involved in caring the two children. Further news is the plea of the father not to publish the details of the divorce with the alleged murderer who is the mother. But a lawyer of a national newspaper was able to get a restraining order from the judge to release the details because the public has the right to know.The mother is in a penitentiary since the day of the murder and did not attend the funeral of her children who is under close watch for suicide attempts. A week after the funeral of their children both parents are in separate courts on the same day. The mother facing murder charges and the father facing assault charges against her wife the mother of the two babies. In the coming days readers are waiting for the cause of the two innocent babies death to be release who have touch the hearts of many and shed tears for their lost especially they are the only grandchildren to their grandparents. This local news will cover newspaper reports from time to time because of its nature where in my reader's view and others ,who should have taken the responsibilty to have prevented their deaths because the father said the system has failed.


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