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Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern The New Siegfried and Roy?

Updated on September 5, 2007

Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern The New Siegfried and Roy? - Don't Get Me Started!

Is it just me or has the news gone so gay as of late that there seems to be little else for anyone to talk about? We have Senator Craig (who now apparently is reconsidering his resignation) trying to have gay sex in an airport restroom, we have Jerry Lewis calling someone a "fag" on his annual telethon and in the worst possible celebrigay news, some ex-pal of Anna Nicole's is putting a book out that not only accuses Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern of cutting some sort of deal while burying the hatchet but claims they were apparently burying more in one another allegedly. Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern the new Siegfried and Roy? - Don't Get Me Started!

Much like the tell-all book slated to come out about Siegfried and Roy who apparently did have a hot and heavy romance at one point but over the years it cooled and became a strong sexless friendship (and they say gays shouldn't marry - sounds like a lot of heterosexual marriages to me) supposedly Larry Birkhead and Stern were doing the nasty. (Which frankly the thought of makes me make a nasty face and get a little sick to my stomach) Now Birkhead has enough highlights and lowlights to get into the gay club but let's face it, Stern is just a lowlife. The whole thing seems ridiculous to me but once again, largely due to the gay angle to this story, the media jumped on it like Michael Vick on a dog.

The senator and the restroom thing is just what it is and if you don't think that there are plenty more men looking for love in all the wrong places of the urinal next to them, you're crazy. What I find so interesting about this story is that everyone is wondering how he could be involved in gay sex activities and yet be so against all things gay when it came to voting and his rather loud opinionated opinions he gave to any reporter listening. Now I'm no psychiatrist (I just play one online) but it would seem to me if the guy is filled with self-loathing about that part of him that is a gay man the natural thing for him to do would be to come out against all things gay more than a little vehemently in order to try and distance himself from that part of himself he hated. Whatever the reason, Larry Craig is about as hot as Larry Tate from Bewitched so let's wish him the best and if he decides not to resign why wasn't he at work yesterday to prove to all of us that he really wanted the job? But don't get me started on the politicians and how little they seem to work for so much compensation.

Jerry Lewis is 81 and in the eighteenth hour of his annual telethon, in what he thought was being funny, called someone an "unintelligent fag" and immediately the gay organizations came out asking for an apology. Jerry apologized and gays could once again feel good about helping out Jerry and his kids. Now this is a man who is completely out of his mind at this point and what I find really interesting is where were the Japanese Pride people when the opening act of the telethon was the Japanese gymnast show from Las Vegas, Matsuri (saw it and loved it by the way) and after they performed, Jerry in his best Catskills baggy pants vaudeville comic style said, "Well, there's no one at Benihana's tonight!" Okay so he didn't use a dreaded in quotes use one letter to stand for the offensive word about these talented performers but was it less offensive? I don't think so yet the media jumped on Jerry delivering what got deemed the "F" bomb and ignored his comments about the Japanese gymnasts.

So let's look children and see if there isn't something to be learned about all this gayness being in the media day after day. All of this says the same thing to me, "Gay is bad" if you're associated with gayness on any level, it will ruin your career and life and you'll be doomed to spend the rest of your life in an airport restroom tapping your foot and waving for sex. Now I'm all for people coming out in their own time but it would seem to me that as long as the media continues to propagate the image that gay means gross we need as many normal gays to come out and stand proud if only to show that we're not the monsters and interior decorators they paint us to be. I'm still not for Perez Hilton "outing" celebrities but I think we need more good gay images out there (and it's not Lance Bass). I guess the "glass half full" side of things is that you can't go a day without gay being in the media. And as we all know a day without gay is like a day without sunshine. Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern the new Siegfried and Roy? - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • Paulie profile image

      Paulie 10 years ago

      Larry Birkhead? I can see it. But Howard K. Stern? I don't think anyone wants him on their team.