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Lead Generation Opportunity Sales 101

Updated on October 7, 2008

Lead Sales

Lead Generation Opportunities are ways of generating sales prospects. These sales prospects are given to a company's sales team to so they can pitch deals to new partners. This is pretty much sales 101 stuff. Obviously leads are going to convert into customers more often than random people off the street and highly qualified leads will convert into customers more often than barely qualified leads. The phrase lead generation opportunity sales 101 is used to refer to a special online class offered by QuinExperiean street worldwide. It is an all encompassing sales class that highlights the power of lead generation to bring in targeted traffic to a company. Targeted leads allow a sales organization to waste much less time on dead end leads and spend more time working with interested parties.

Speaking of parties, lets all have a lead generation sales opportunity at my house tomorrow at about 11:00PM. BYOB.


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