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Leave Levi And Bristol At Home

Updated on September 5, 2008

I'm not a convention watcher in the least but I was less than shocked and more than unamused when I saw the front page of the newspaper today carrying a photo of McCain shaking Levi's hand while Bristol looked on. Who the hell are these two? Why should we care about them? And how in the name of all things that are less than stupid did these two become the "ones to watch" at the Republican convention? Leave Levi and Bristol at home - Don't Get Me Started!

It should come as no shock to anyone who has ever read my blog that I'm looking forward to having that "celebrity" that "inexperienced" person Barack Obama as our next President. That's right, although I try to not share things that are too personal my idea of telling you this is so you know that while I will vote for Obama I could care less what the other side does during the next couple of months and also because I will not be one of the many that I fear talk about voting for Obama but when they get into that booth vote with their prejudicial past thinking toward the man because of the color of his skin. So when the hairless cat (otherwise known as John McCain) choose a running mate that is so beneath any sort of standard for what a vice president should be (the only one lower that I can think of right now is that Dick, Cheney) I sort of stood with the rest of the crowd with a finger firmly planted at the crown of my head scratching to see if I could make some sense of the whole thing. But whatever to that whole thing, the thing that has me reeling is the whole Bristol Palin brewhaha going around.

Who the hell (besides her parents and obviously Levi) care about the 17 year old? Why should we spend any time thinking, talking, criticizing her or anything else? I don't think that she has changed my opinion about anything nor will she (or her mother for that matter). The whole Levi and Bristol thing sounds a little like a cheesy law firm to me or a gay couple (or a gay couple that ARE a law firm).

What I do not get is why Levi had to be a part of the landscape for the convention? Who is this kid and why is he important? (And do you think he's been able to get the barrel marks from that shot gun Mrs. Palin held to his belly off yet? Go Mrs. Palin and your support of the NRA!) I don't get it and no matter how you tell me his future mother-in-law is going to be the next Vice President (she won't be but you deluded kids just keep wishing on that one) I still don't understand why he's in the picture. It's sort of like putting girlfriends or boyfriends in holiday pictures. It's okay if the pictures are candid shots around the house or something but we adults all know better than to include "almost spouses" in family portraits, don't we? The thing about adding "almost spouses" to almost anything that is a permanent record is that when the person in question does not end up holding a permanent position in the family, the rest of us are put in the uncomfortable position of deciding if we can keep the photo or if we have to throw it away. The one thing you can never do in these cases is display the photo. So the photo normally goes into a box or drawer, never sees the light of day until years from the incident where you find yourself wondering why you kept the picture and what the name of the person in question was anyway?

The thing is that I just don't care who knocked up the Vice Presidential candidate's daughter. Sorry to tell you that I'm not one of the people who think she's going to hell for having sex without a wedding ring on so why would I care? Do you think that I should get some delight that a conservative who opposes my rights to do anything as she looks down at the rest of the world from her superior Christian perch and will stop at nothing to make sure that I'm continually treated as a second class citizen because I don't worship Jesus and bang pussy (for the purpose of creating life) has a pregnant teenage daughter? I don't care about Mrs. Palin, Bristol Palin, Levi or the Baby Palin-Levi that is coming into the world. I'm just ready for it all to be over with frankly and for us Americans to be able to once more hold our heads up high that we have a real leader in the White House and not some world-wide joke.

It's bad enough that I'll have to look at the likes of the hairless cat and his running mate who looks like a bad Talia Shire impersonator ("Yo, Adriannnne!") for the next few months please, I beg of you leave Levi and Bristol at home - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 9 years ago from Arizona

      I love this hub! I saw these photos on recently and was going "what the hell is this about?" and decided to read the useless information about the supposed future VP's daughter and her boyfriend. I don't understand this whole situation, either. Why did she have to go public about her daughter's pregnancy? Who cares?? There's tons of young girls in the world that are about to pop out a baby and they're not in the news, so why should she be?

      I'm with you on Obama. He's definitely got a head on his shoulders, unlike McCain.