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Lego Indiana Jones Game 62: Shanghai Showdown and Pankot Secrets, Free Play

Updated on March 20, 2013

Shanghai Showdown

All the Treasure Chests at the Club Obi-Wan are obtainable the first time. You can simplify this area by just hurling an explosive at the doorway out.

You will then be on the street. Go down and to the right to the back alley, and blow up some silver trash cans. Reassemble the pieces into a crawlspace. Send a short character through, then have this one sit in the pot hanging from chains. Switch characters, and send a “translator” character to the hieroglyphics. After he translates them, he can assemble a mechanism inside. When he turns it, the character in the pot will be transported to a porch with the Seventh Treasure Chest. Just be sure to switch characters at the proper time so you can get it.

Head over to the left, and climb the rope to get to the Thugee statue. Become a character who it will accept its prayers, and it will release a balloon. Carefully jump to the balloon, and it will carry you to an awning with the Eighth Treasure Chest.

If you continue left, you will see a garden. Use an explosive to blow up the silver gate to the right of it. Then go ahead and smash all the flowers in it, and then dig in the center of its rainbow glow. You will soon find a part that looks like a motor. Place that heavy part on the orange platform there. A wall will slide away, revealing the Ninth Treasure Chest.

Go ahead and take the necessary steps to get to the airport, you will need to go all the way to the left. You can either use a sword wielding character to cut a red rope above a door, or you can blow up the silver case to the right of the door, and use it.

Either way, you will be in a new area. Go ahead and become a soldier to get past the secret door on the opposite wall. Once the guard opens a red panel, go ahead and grab the Tenth Treasure Chest.

As for the Parcel, simply jump on the rope to start the big propeller spinning. Then go up the stairs and jump on it when it gets close to the balcony. Walk over and grab the Parcel, and then walk over to one of the edges and jump over when you get close. If you time it right, it is easy. Save and Exit.

Pankot Secrets

Since you should have found all Treasure Chests the first time, all that is necessary to do is get to the first room inside Pankot Palace. There is a barrel in the corner that you must let Indy get under, and then have a woman character jump on it and up to the whipping platform before Indy gets tired and removes the barrel himself.

Once up there, turn to Indy and get to the other side. Turn to another character and grab the Parcel, otherwise you will be whipping over and back again for quite some time.

Go ahead and leave the room, and take out all the bad guys to the Thugee statue. Pray before it and a panel will open, revealing the mailbox. Go ahead and go back and get the Parcel, and there will be nothing getting in your way to it. Save and Exit.

Yes, you had to go all the way back just to do that. Simply because the game would not allow you to be a Thugee the first time. Geez!


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