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Let Others Groove to Your Dance Music

Updated on November 4, 2008

What differentiates an achiever from a simple dreamer? It is persistence and fervour. You need to hold the fierce determination and the courage to face risks in order to succeed. This is applicable despite the field of expertise you may want to to triumph over.

Making it big in any arena shall never be lacking of difficulties, especially when you like to participate in the dance music business. There's no need to worry, though. There are resources and examples that will point you the path to getting what every hopeful DJ hopes of - people grooving to their music and money dancing into the bank account. Melodious music to your ears!

Be Visible and Audible

Introduce yourself to the dance music industry. Nobody has succeeded by concealing their gifts and you'll certainly not be the first to break the mould. In anything that you do, make sure that this is seen, heard, acknowledged and praised. You can follow these suggestions:

Be a member of online societies catering to dance music aficionados. Nowadays, you should tap the power of social connections to your benefit including getting to know other DJs and clubbers, especially industry honchos looking for fresh talent.

Be seen in dance clubs and halls. These are the places where music aficionados and producers regularly assemble for some events. By doing so, not only will they have the chance to meet you, but you can also be introduced to the big guns and their networks.

Utilize the web and all its freebies. As YouTube and are becoming more recognized, you may upload your work there and ask your fans to spread the word. Of course, be responsible for the excellence and quantity of your music videos.

Make your own online domain! With this, you'll have an online space devoted to your profile, your work, your dance life. Remember, you're your greatest marketing tool.

When seeking to be renowned, tentativeness is best exchanged with boldness. This is the one definite shot at capturing a chance of the fame and fortune that the business has to offer.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

It is true, the battle is stiff; therefore, you have to stand out. You have to have your own kind of music, one that carries your signature. Otherwise, you might just end up being a copycat.

Take the recognized Tiesto. During his early years, he created hardcore/gabber tracks then shifted to new beat and acid house before becoming among the notable producers of trance and electronic dance music.

All the great DJs - Tiesto, Paul van Dyke, Armin Van Buuren, Fatboy Slim, to name a few - have to find their unique sound and so should you. In this kind of industry, you should find your own beat, literally and fiquratively.

Be it known, on the contrary, that you're not playing only for yourself. Dance music requires other people so they can sway to the tune. That said, you have to keep with the trends in music while making use of those trends to your own kind of music that will ultimately sound like you invented the whole thing.

Towards this goal, you have to practice, practice, practice and produce, produce, produce. You should never grow tired of turning that turntable, listening to the beat and mixing your music. When the day is through, you have to do all of these again tomorrow; there's just no turning back.

Soon enough, you will see yourself at the pinnacle of success in dance music!


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