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Life in the Highway

Updated on July 13, 2008


The hottest topic nowadays is the cost of gasoline and its effect to the economy.Lately, while buying groceries,prices went up dramatically. Bread, vegetables, eggs, cold cuts, chicken, beef and canned goods has increased 10% to i5 % in value.

Travel by air is not advisable either especially going on a long distance trip sif possible make a reservation to a nearby resort and invite some friends for a weekend stay.

Refuse an invitation to a weekend party if your car has a failing emission test and involves a long the place.

Driving down the highway must be taken seriously in view of the latest traffic rules that would change the way police officers catch traffic offenders aside from installed cameras of police cruisers standing by. The skywatch(newly inplace) a detective plane, to monitor the traffice flow had put drivers on guard about speeding.

Let's put it this way, drivers using the fast lane must have to follow the speed limit set and also drivers following the collector's lane to maintain the normal traffic flow. How often does a miscalculated speed caused the loss of life and injured the driver or passengers? That happened last year when road racers showed-off their high speeding cars without thinking the safety of others leading to the death of a truck driver who tried to avoid the collision and saved fellow drivers by driving to the ditch and died on the scene due to the impact of the weight of his truck when it landed on the ground.

Putting altogether , how gas energy affects everyone is our high dependency on this black gold. The present generation cannot go back to the good old days to live in a slow pace when animals were the sources of energy to till the farms and run on the roads. People now using high technology has to move faster counting the time consumed in every activity.

Is it not time to ponder that man has gone too far on its dependency since gas price is going higher and higher to slow down living on the highway?


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