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Life on Mars--is it a reality?

Updated on January 27, 2008

Mars- the RED PLANET-- is in news these days. However, it is not that MARS came into news just with the NASA Space Rover revealing images of the planet. Mars has always fascinated humans and life on earth. Scientists have always said that there are chances of life on Mars, however, no valid proof was yet found. Now, with the space rover taking images of the red planet, and giving glimpses of some sort of human like someone amidst the rocks of the planet, the zeal to learn about mars has doubled. With this, mars is certain to be our next target. Is it the beginning of the end of the mystery surrounding mars. Are Aliens really present on mars?Are there human-like creatures inhabiting the red planet?If yes, then are we not trying to infiltrate into someone else's land and then welcoming trouble? Do we really need to disturb the so-called life on mars. Will it not bring trouble for us? Today, if aliens are really present on mars and in our endeavor and curiosity to unravel the planet and its inhabitants, we will certainly bring trouble for us.

Earth, our mother planet, does not need any kind of aliens to disturb the atmosphere and create commotion and disturbance. Because if today we step into their land, tomorrow will be their turn to infiltrate our land.

LET EARTH REMAIN WHAT IT IS, and if we want our earth to remain it as it is, then we must end our curiosity to unravel mars and other planets.

But, is it possible? With scientific development at such an advanced stage, it is quite uncertain that our zeal will see a full-stop[period].

What u say? Are we ready to face our uncertain future?


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    • profile image

      dhianne 9 years ago

      is it really true?!? i think it'll be a very big lie.,. how can we step and go on there?!? using SPACESHIP? does it have an oxygen to breathe on????

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 10 years ago from Georgia

      But what about parasites and one celled organisms? Although, they may not be alive today, what if there are frozen cells in the planet's ecosystem?

      I have never though about it in the sense of why put to planets so close together both being inhabited.

    • bhalla_neet profile image

      Ravneet 10 years ago from Delhi

      In the world thousands of such kind of creature exists about which few scientists know or barred to speak on them due to govt sanctions. There are thousands of stories of UFOs and even the History Channel and National Geographic telecast exclusively episodes that shows the US Government's reluctancy to divulge anything on the subject. There are witnesses who said they saw US Marines collecting UFO samples but were asked not to divulge. It shows something that we can say on life OUTSIDE Earth. But, exclusively or inclusively is just leaving to the RESEARCH. We can't altogether deny it, rather have a POSITIVE hope to expect that we are not alone in the UNIVERSE.

    • greathub profile image

      greathub 10 years ago from Earth

      What I have made out of this hub is that author needs much more exposure of how things work in real world. Please forget those ideas presented by different movies that show alien species invading the Earth. It hasn't happened before and it won't happen anytime in the future. The idea of leaving the Martians(if they exist) alone just out of fear of trouble is ridiculous.Please don't get offended. This is my view.

    • bhalla_neet profile image

      Ravneet 10 years ago from Delhi

      My pleasure sir

    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 10 years ago from Cumbum

      Yes, you are correct. Ordinary human being can never understand the game of the Super Nature. By this point of view unnecessary explorations on neighbour planets may result into some serious problems. Any way we pray God for the welfare of our earth. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful and mysterious subject with me.

    • bhalla_neet profile image

      Ravneet 10 years ago from Delhi

      Definitely, but there can be certain mysterious creatures living on Mars not on oxygen as there is not one, but on some other kind of gas. This is NATURE and anything can happen anywhere.

      Even scientists acknowledge this fact.

      If humans survive on water, air and earth, then why 

      can't certain mysterious creatures survive on something


      What u say? 

    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 10 years ago from Cumbum

      Dear Neet, It is quite impossible for developed living beings in planet Mars. The Super Nature won't make the great mistake by putting the two living planets one by one. Astronomists say that there may be only one living planet among the group of 10,000 solar systems. By this calculation we can get the average distance of two living planets as many thousands of light years. So once I am repeating that The Super Nature never make a chance of communication between the living beings of two different planets. So we need not worry about the safety of our home planet, I think. What is your opinion my friend?

    • profile image

      harjot 10 years ago

      I think it will be foolish to step on to other planets just for the sake of our development. Is it knowedge enhancement? Do we need this? Yes, knowledge is essential but not at the sake of someone's privacy.

      Unravelling of mysteries has been human being's passion for long. Man has till now show that he doesn't bother anything coming in the way of his passion. He can very well destroy and create according to his intersts. He doesn't care for others. When we don't care for people living on earth, then can we expect ourselves to restrain our development spree for those unknown[if there are] aliens living milion miles away from us?

      I dont think so.