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LifeLock FAQ

Updated on April 28, 2008

What is LifeLock?

LifeLock is a company in Tempe, AZ that specializes in identity theft protection. It's CEO is Todd Davis - the guy who publishes his real social security number. He even puts it on the side of a truck in NYC.

If I have LifeLock, can I publish my social security number too?

Good Grief - NO! Always keep your social security number safe and protected.

How does Life Lock work?

LifeLock does this:

  • Sets and renews fraud alerts

  • Opts you out of pre-approved credit offers
  • Orders your three credit reports

I've heard I can do that stuff myself for free. Why should I pay LifeLock to do it for me?

Yes, you can do the same things LifeLock does for free. But LifeLock offers you some benefits you can't do yourself.

They offer:

  • $1 million total service guarantee
  • WalletLock protection
  • 24/7 help and advice

Using LifeLock's services will allow you to simply relax and not worry about extra measures to protect yourself from identity theft.

If you can't fit $9 a month into your budget, by all means, do the free things yourself right away.

How does LifeLock's guarantee work?

The Total Service Guarantee is simple. In the unfortunate event your identity is stolen while being a member, they will reimburse direct expenses you incur and pay professionals to resolve the problem for you - up to $1 million.

What is WalletLock?

WalletLock is a service provided by Life Lock to help you recover from losing or having your wallet stolen. One call to a WalletLock specialist is all it takes to get the contents of your wallet replaced (except any cash, photos, personal items).

In many cases, they will be able to replace all of your documents for you. However, some states require you to be involved with them directly. It depends on your state's laws.

Is LifeLock Safe?

Life Lock has qualified for the highest security rating you can get. They are ISO 27001 certified for data and operational security and follow industry best practices to secure and protect personal information. They also conduct background checks on all of employees, including regular random drug testing.

LifeLock is committed to protecting your personal information and privacy.

What is a Fraud Alert?

The purpose of a fraud alert is for creditors to confirm that the person using your name is actually you. With your fraud alerts in place, creditors, lenders, or other prospective users of your consumer report must take steps to verify your identity before they can:

  • Issue new credit
  • Increase credit lines
  • Arrange loans
  • Create new accounts for such things as utilities and cellular phones

After a fraud alert has been placed in your credit file, any creditor using that credit file to grant new credit or an extension of credit in your name must contact you by telephone (using the phone number specified in the fraud alert) or take reasonable steps to verify your identity and confirm that the credit application is not the result of identity theft.

Most of the time, when someone else is trying to use your identity to get credit, the fraud alert will stop them cold.

Will having a Fraud Alert make it hard for me to get credit?

No, fraud alerts will not make it hard to get credit. The only time you may notice a difference is if you want to apply for ‘instant credit'. Instant credit is when a store offers you a 10% discount off your purchase if you sign up for their credit card right then.

Will LifeLock give me my credit score?

No, but they will order your free annual credit reports for you which you'll receive in the mail.

Will LifeLock correct errors on my credit report for me?

LifeLock cannot change any of your information with the credit bureaus. If you find a discrepancy or a need to update information, contact the credit bureau using the instructions found in your credit report.

How does Life Lock differ from credit monitoring?

LifeLock's procedure ‘locks the door' to your credit and identity before it's stolen.

Credit monitoring will send you an alert after a new account has been opened. This monitoring service has no way of knowing if it's you or someone pretending to be you. It does nothing to stop a thief from opening an unauthorized account.

Credit monitoring services also don't give you any help if you should become an identity theft victim. LifeLock has the $1 million total service guarantee.

How can I get LifeLock?

You can enroll online at or you can call them at 1-800-LIFELOCK (1-800-543-3562).

Can I protect my children with LifeLock?

Yes, your children up through age 15 can be covered with LifeLock's identity theft protection for only $2.50 a month as long as one parent is also covered.

Is there some way to get a discount on LifeLock?

Yes, you can use a LifeLock Promotion Code to get your first 30 days for free. After that the monthly cost is $9 or $99 per year instead of the regular $10 a month or $110 annually.

If you enroll online, enter your promo code in the box provided. If you enroll by phone, mention your code to the operator.

How quickly will I be protected after I enroll?

You are covered by the $1 Million Total Service Guarantee from the moment you enroll. If in the unfortunate event your identity is misused while you are a LifeLock member, LifeLock will reimburse direct expenses you incur and pay professionals to resolve the problem for you - up to $1 million.

Can I cancel at any time?

There is no long-term commitment with LifeLock. You can cancel at anytime, just call them anytime at 800 LIFELOCK (543-3562). If you have pre-paid, they will refund any unused amount.

Who will call me to let me know someone is trying to get credit in my name?

If someone (even you) uses your personal information, you will be contacted by the creditor that is issuing the line of credit. If you receive a call and you are not the one applying for credit, the transaction should be stopped immediately.

I've been a victim of identity theft. Can LifeLock help me?

If you've been a victim of identity theft before enrolling with LifeLock, you won't be covered by the $1 million total service guarantee.

However, once you become a member, they will do whatever they can to hire people that will help rectify the current situation you're in. There may be additional costs involved but LifeLock has the contacts to help expedite the process to resolution.

Once you become a member, you're protected by the guarantee for any new theft in the future.


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