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LifeLock and Identity Theft

Updated on February 14, 2008

LifeLock Lets Me Laugh at Identity Theft

I stumbled on something pretty amazing recently. Well, maybe "stumble" isn't quite the exact word since it was more like getting hit in the head with this.

I opened my newspaper one morning and in my pre-caffeinated somewhat blurry awareness, I still noticed something totally amazing. Some guy had put his social security number in HUGE print on a full page ad.

That was enough to get me to actually read the ad - how often does that happen?

The social security number was 457-55-5462 - Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock.

I'd never given too much thought to identity theft or identity theft protection, but I sure knew better than to actually make my SSN public. So why was this guy doing it?

There's nothing more compelling than to put your money where your mouth is. Kinda shows you really mean it.

I did some research on identity theft and ways you can protect yourself. Pretty scary stuff with security breaches and all.. you don't read about it too often in newspapers because it's not nearly as interesting as sports or presidential candidates or the latest local scandal.

  • I decided that I could easily do this "protection stuff" myself for free. Now, I'm not in the financal world or any kind of expert on credit, but how hard can it be?

I went to to see exactly what they do for you so that I could one day be in the position to advertise my social (NOT). Amazingly, they spell it all out for you on how they protect you from identity theft and that you CAN in fact do it yourself. Wow... honesty.. there's a new twist in advertising.

So there I was with my phone in hand going to call Equifax and put a fraud alert on my credit report.

  • Then I had flashbacks of all the times I've called a customer service 800 number and gotten a recorded message and endless stream of 'options' designed to 'serve me better'.

While I was in my 'flashback' mode, I also got to thinking about how hard it would be to make all the calls necessary if my identity got stolen anyway. It would be like fighting an uphill battle on slippery mud.

As an id theft victim, on every call I make to clear my name I'd have to prove I'm not a deadbeat - it really wasn't me who opened that account. The burden of proof would be on ME.

UGH!... I hung up the phone and did some more thinking...

So here's what I thought:

  • LifeLock was only going to cost me $9 a month (promo code - 9).
  • I can fit $9 a month into my budget (30ยข a day).
  • I spend more than that $9 a month on dog treats (but my dogs are soooo cute).
  • I got my first 30 days free to try it out.
  • I can cancel at any time w/o any obligation - that's a nice feature.
  • OK - I'll give it a try.

And do you know what happened?

I didn't expect this...

As soon as I got done enrolling online, I felt this big weight being lifted off my shoulders. I'm no legal/tenacious/love-to-argue kind of person. And now that I have LifeLock identity theft protection, I won't have to make all those phone calls if my identity gets stolen - they'll hire people to do it for me! Like a mom, only better.

So now I can laugh at Identity Thieves - wah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

... but I still don't plan on publishing my social security number.


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