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LifeLock Promotion Code

Updated on April 28, 2008

Put identity thieves out of business.

Identity theft has become 'the' crime in the 21st century. Protecting yourself from being the next victim is much easier than the hundreds of hours needed to repair your credit.

LifeLock is one of many companies that specialize in identity protection.If you've visited LifeLock's website and decided to enroll, you may have noticed a box where you can enter a promotional code.

  • Using the LifeLock promotion code - NINE - will give you your first 30 days free to try out their services with no obligation.
  • If you choose to continue coverage with them, your monthly cost is discounted to $9.

That's a small price for a lot of protection and peace of mind.

LifeLock has gained much media attention because the CEO publishes his social security number on the side of a truck. He also gives it out on radio and tv interviews.

Even if you have LifeLock protection, always keep your social security number safe and protected.

The US Department of Justice has declared identity theft as the #1 crime - replacing drug trafficking. One of reasons it has grown so fast is because it's so much safer than selling drugs. An identity thief only has to have access to a computer to steal and sell your information. No guns - no bad guys threatening to break your legs. It's also a low risk crime to actually get caught. And even lower risk of being successfully prosecuted if you do get caught.

Security breaches hit an all time high in 2007. It started the year with hackers breaking into the data stream of TJ Maxx and stealing their shopper's credit card info.'s site was compromised in the summer. In the fall, hackers stole a laptop with 800,000 identities of people who applied for jobs at the Gap. Closing out the year, all the registered voters in Nashville, TN were exposed to identity theft when thieves broke into the Elections Office of Davidson County and stole computers. That affected over 300,000 people. The website tracks security and data breaches.

No matter how careful you may be personally, your identity is at risk. In the past, your name, date of birth and social security number have been used as normal indentification. Your info is out there with plenty of thieves looking for it.

Identity theft protection is imperative in today's Electronic Age. You can do it yourself by setting fraud alerts or security freezes. You'll need to remember to keep them renewed.

LifeLock offers to take over this job for you. Much like we could easily change our oil, mow our lawns, groom our dogs or clean our house, we still find it a time saver to hire an expert to do it for us. Nothing is 100% effective against identity theft. By having a company like LifeLock watching out for you, you get access to experts and a guarantee of $1,000,000. That's the kind of help you'll need in a stressful situation like having your identity stolen.

In addition to protecting your identity, LifeLock now offers WalletLock. If your wallet is ever lost or stolen while having coverage, one call to a specialist will start the ball rolling to protect and replace the contents in your wallet. That includes your driver's license, credit cards, insurance cards, passport etc. We can only hope you didn't actually carry your social security card around with you. But if you did, WalletLock can get that replaced, too.

LifeLock Reviews have been quite favorable. A high percentge of people who have LifeLock are satisfied and quite happy with it. They usually recommend it to friends and family. Many banks, credit unions, AAA Associations, and others offer it as a benefit to their members.


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