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Live Your Own Movie Musical Via Your Ipod

Updated on October 9, 2007

Live a movie musical with your Ipod!

Since I live in Vegas, there's really no place to walk like there is in big cities but having been in Seattle, I was able to reawaken the feelings I had when I used to walk around New York (or "the city" as it's called). Well, as with so many people you encounter these days, they all have the signature white ear buds in as they walk the streets in Seattle, their Ipods. At first I didn't understand this as I was walking the quarter mile in from the hotel. I was on the phone or my blackberry all ready starting to work but here were all these people walking to wherever they were going with their Ipods in and as they walked they bopped their heads. So I decided to try it. Well, let me just tell you how to live your own movie musical via your Ipod - Don't Get Me Started!

Originally I felt wearing your Ipod was sort of a rude kind of isolationist technique (and I'm sure for some people it's exactly just that) but as I walked the streets of Seattle with my songs blaring so only I could hear, the entire city and it's inhabitants became my supporting cast in my own musical in my head.

Now let me say that I was the kid who used to stare at the clock in school and when I wasn't busy trying to make it go forward by twitching my nose like Samantha on Bewitched (although I think I was always more of an Uncle Arthur) I was always imagining some great song and dance number going on in my classroom instead of the work we were supposed to be doing on integers or something equally as boring to me. I would wonder why life wasn't more like the Mickey and Judy musicals I watched over and over again. Surely if I started singing the full orchestra would swell and come in with me, right? Well looking back I realize I was too scared to start singing to see if the music would come so I sat there daydreaming about it instead. That's not the case anymore.

Maybe not a storyline per se but as here's what I was listening to and feeling...

  • As I left the hotel and swung open the doors you could hear the sounds of "Baby Get Lost" from The Dana Owens album. "Good morning baby, welcome back to town..." As I strutted past people, I felt like no one could tell me anything. Full of myself and completely confident I walked with an occasional ball-change in my step.
  • I started getting closer to the heart of the city and as Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band blared "Cherchez La Femme/Se Si Bon" I was suddenly John Travolta walking the streets from Saturday Night Fever. And as I passed the homeless person sleeping in the unopened bagel shop, the song lyrics filled my soul, "Tommy Mattola lives on the road..."
  • And as I hit the city proper it was "Buenos Aires" (from the original Broadway show with Patti Lupone, not the movie version with Madonna) "All I want is a whole lot of excess, tell the singer this is where I'm playing..."
  • Finally, as I rounded the corner to where I was working, the original Broadway musical Over Here was playing, "We Got It" to give me that final boost of self-confidence I needed. "You got it, you got it, we really dig that you're gonna be big..." I could almost see one couple jitterbugging as I shorty-georged my way into my office.

I'm sure not everyone who has their Ipod on is thinking that the world is suddenly moving like Fred and Ginger but if you program your music properly and keep your eyes open, whether by coincidence or divine intervention from the musical gods, you'll notice that people almost seem choreographed to the music emanating from your Ipod. As the person slams their car door it's amazingly enough on an accent in the music. Someone hurrying to cross the street is shuffling their feet in perfect rhythm of the drum solo you're listening to and before you know it, you're taking your curtain call. And that's how to live your own movie musical via your Ipod - Don't Get Me Started!

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The Dana Owens Album


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    • Isabella Snow profile image

      Isabella Snow 10 years ago

      Ha! Love it! I have noticed things looking in time to what Im listening to.. it's pretty cool!

    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 10 years ago

      Oh, Cherchez la femme! I can feel it!!!!