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Lose Weight By Getting Control Of Your Hunger

Updated on February 22, 2008

Do you have to be hungry to lose weight?

If you feel like you have no “willpower” and so that’s why you can never lose weight, then you are always going to set yourself up to fail time and time again.

Is your intense hunger keeping you from losing weight? Well, I’m going to give you a really quick way to get control of your hunger… you feed it.

That’s right. I said feed it.

But, “I’m trying to LOSE weight” you’re thinking. Let me tell you how this old-fashioned mentality of controlling your hunger or in other words starving yourself to lose weight never works for weight loss and in fact, will make you fatter.

Here’s how it goes: You decide you want to lose weight. So you declare, “I’m going on a diet.” That means you are going to be really strict about what you eat and eat as little as possible.

So the next morning you wake up and you’re not hungry. Great! You think, “I’ve got this diet thing under control. I’m strong and not even hungry.”

But a few hours later, you accidentally run into temptation. Someone at the office brought donuts in to be “nice” and suddenly you’re aware of how desperately your body needs calories.

You think, “Oh, if I just eat this 1 donut now, I won’t have lunch and therefore I’ll still be way ahead of my calorie intake for the day.”

So you scarf down the donut and while you’re eating it, you’re carried away with blissfully sweet sugar and fat… but as soon as you swallow the last bite, guilt sets in.

“Why did I do that!?” You think about how you woke up that morning with so much willpower, and feeling so strong and “in control” of your hunger. How could it have gone so wrong?

You feel like a failure. Like you’re just not meant to be skinny because you have no willpower to diet. So you convince yourself that it’s too hard to even try.

You go back and eat another donut because now that you’ve blown it, there’s no point in resisting yourself the only pleasure in life that you can get.

Has this ever happened to you?

It happened to me SO many times while I was struggling to diet and get control of my hunger. But then I discovered that the secret to controlling hunger is to keep myself full on healthy foods.

I eat every 2 hours throughout the day.

When you eat healthy foods every 2 hours, here’s what happens:

- Your body gets the nutrition and vital life energy that it needs to keep itself running

- Your brain gets the nutrition it needs so your emotions are calm and your thinking is clearly focused

- Your metabolism speeds up because you are signaling to your body, “There is food everywhere, I can use these calories for energy.”

- You burn MORE calories because digestion requires energy and that means you are burning calories throughout the day

- You don’t have cravings for sugar and junk food because you only craves those foods when you’re body is lacking nutrition and desperate for LOTS of calories FAST (in other words, when you are in starvation mode)

- You eat much less food at every meal because your body is not starving and ravenous for calories

- You burn fat and lose weight all over your body

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you want to feel “in control” of your hunger, so that you can walk by sugar and fat temptations and not pig out as soon as any morsel of food crosses your lips, then you have to eat more often.

You have to work with your body and feed it every 2 hours. This will keep your body nourished with the vitamins and minerals that it needs so it will not send out that powerful “Must eat now!” signal that you get when you try to deny your body food.

Your hunger is only out of control when you try to control it by depriving your body of food. Food is what your body runs on for life, for energy, for health… so when you are starving yourself, your hunger signals will get stronger and stronger.

By feeding your body natural, healthy foods every 2 hours, your body and your mind is in a calm relaxed state so the “hunger signal” is turned off. And you are in control.

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    • profile image

      123 7 years ago


    • memorygraphics profile image

      memorygraphics 8 years ago from india


      i liked this neurological touch

      the common process of failure in dieting is very correct

      but the treatment is not universal , it depend on physiology , neurology , work environment etc and differs from individual to individual

      so the best thing is to consult a physiotherepist and get a diet plan and follow it strictly .

    • profile image

      issues veritas 9 years ago

      I have come to believe that the brain has a mind of its own.

      Meaning that it doesn't always do the right thing for you.

      Storing fat is a prime example, while it was important in early humans, today it is detrimental to your health.

      Your statement about eating every two hours is a great mechanism to divert the prime directive of the primitive part of the brain.

      Tricking the brain is the only way to get it to work for you. Eating every two hours doesn't panic the brain into protecting you with a fat reserve. The bigger the panic the bigger the reserve.

      This was a long winded agreement to your hub.

      Feel free to cut my written fat from your hub.

    • profile image

      easierwayz 9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great hub! So many people who want to lose weight just don't get it a lot of the time, they think that by cutting down on food they will lose weight,but they forget how the human metabolism works. Conventional diets make the metabolism stop,stutter,stop,stutter, and weight loss is not going to happen this way.

      Your method is perfect because your metabolism is always running,and therefore always burning calories. The only thing is that for most of us eating every 2 hours can be impractical. but even if a person was to spread the calories they eat over 3 meals to 5-6 meals,their metabolism would respond and begin to work more effectively. This means more calories being burned. MAKE THEM LISTEN ANDREA!