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Love and the Capricorn

Updated on June 14, 2008

Love and the Capricorn

Relationships can be confusing for most, but for Capricorns they can be downright frustrating. Falling in love with a Capricorn is a risky venture. The deep-seated need they have to be in complete control takes the patience of a very special partner. For you see, a true Capricorn finds falling in love to be too scary and quiet a vulnerable place to be. So, it isn't very surprising to know, most Capricorns prefer the solitude and less pressured way of life as a loner. Little chance of unrequited love, and little chance of that horrible "dependent" feeling that comes with trust. The goat carries an enormous pride, to even think that they can be pitied could easily cause a nervous breakdown. They don't "need" anyone, or so they'd have you believe.

If, however, you feel mysteriously drawn to proud Capricorn, you might be pleasantly surprised. On the surface, he or she make look like a tough cookie to crack. But, take a closer look, one with a keener more present eye. What you will find, is a true romantic, as soft and willowy as a delicate tulip. Can you hear Capricorns gasping at the thought of being compared to a gentle flower? Let's ignore them for now. The sad part though is, no matter how romantic they may feel about a new relationship, they have questions that need to be answered. Will this person help raise me to the next level? How will we look together when out socially? Will my family find this coupling a suitable match? Alas, Capricorns rarely marry for love and passion alone. A regret that unfortunately lingers in their minds that can cause real lasting torment.

Capricorns usually marry young if the right qualifications are met. If the well-thought out profile matches, then you're on your way to wedded bliss. If a Capricorn doesn't find all the right stuff in their present lover, then the marriage-minded Capricorn waits it out. They would never marry on a whim, the sanctity of marriage is all too important. Once married, you will find obligatory loyalty and respect for family ties. The surface "perfect" family perhaps, unless your able to seek the real treasure that's buried deep within.

Kisses and hugs can become a rare indulgence. Capricorns are for the most part serious-minded and giddy affection is perceived as a bit weak. Yet, a soul-mate who can teach him or her about the importance of a heart-felt playful affection, will have a powerful impact. Eventually, teaching the old goat new tricks will have a profound and life-changing effect. Capricorns are in dire need of rediscovering their child-like innocence. Bringing up the inner child in them, will do more for them than any extensive therapy. Unleash their creativity and you will open a whole new world for them, which they will be forever grateful.

If all goes right when in love with a Capricorn, true loyalty and respect can prove to go a long way. When things fall by the wayside, then a subliminal prison might have been entered. The sincerely enlightened will know though, that to melt that heart of theirs will open an amazing world. One that can be glorious and well worth the beginning struggle.


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