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Love and the Sagittarius

Updated on June 10, 2008

Love and the Sagittarius

Love to a Sagittarius is a bit of an enigma. Marriage in the traditional sense seems archaic and too restraining for the typical Sag. They need their freedom. At the very least, they need to know that when things begin to sour, there's a convenient exit door handy. It's not that they are incapable of long-term, very loving and long-lasting commitments, it's just they have an unusual zest for the importance of their independence. This is especially true when Sagittarius has already been through the marriage ringer. Leaving a bad taste in their mouth would be putting it mildly, and they are ones that hope to learn from their past mistakes.

Sagittarians shouldn't get a bad rap though. They can jump head first into an extremely satisfying and soul fulfilling love affair. It only becomes anxiety-ridden when too much negative emphasis is put on their wandering ways. They are explorers at heart and need this thirst for knowledge first-hand. A Sagittarius is happiest when boundaries are never brought up for discussion. The good news is, you also would have room to grow. Two spirits, side by side, learning from individual endeavors can be a beautiful thing. Especially, when the same two come back together to share their tales of adventure.

When loving a Sagittarius, always understand that the more freedom they are given, the more you are appreciated. Rules and obligation are much too cumbersome for these pioneering souls. Imagine the excitement this could bring into everyday life. Challenges and rewards would become limitless. Passion and romance on a daily basis would be the norm. A very equal and loving partnership would flourish in this sort of environment.

Another essential factor to consider when falling for a Sagittarius is their needs sexually and emotionally. Just like breathing air, a true Sagittarius hungers for his or her essential needs to be fulfilled. Deep down, they are a bit insecure and reassurance is appreciated and happily reciprocated. They want to believe wholeheartedly that they have a safe place to come back to when they tiredly return from their faraway journeys. Even if those journeys only take place in their minds. It may seem confusing at times, their back and forth travels, but be rest-assured, home is where their hearts truly lie.

Physically, Sagittarian's are very expressive. Affection is given truthfully and generously. Deep conversation where dreams are shared is also taken quite seriously. Never squash the dreams of a Sagittarius or make them regret they dared express their inner-most secrets. It's not something they forget easily or ever even forgive. They don't open up often and when they do, it's because you've worn down their armor. Take that as a huge compliment. Trust is about as essential as their salvation in faraway dreams.

No need to worry, though, it's not all heavy and dramatic. Sagittarius are some of the most entertaining and spontaneously charming people you'd ever want to meet. Fun is never hard to find when courting the glorious archer. If you're always prepared for last-minute trips an extravagant shopping, then let the games begin. Generous and big-hearted, a Sagittarius is always willing to accommodate your every whim. Keep in mind though, it must come from them. Prodding, whining or complaining will only push them away and make them feel inadequate in pleasing you.

All in all, the Sagittarius is a warm and loving partner. One that needs their space, but also needs to know you're not too far away. Seduce with humor, flatter them with sincerity and entice them with words of wisdom. The rewards of loving a Sagittarius is undoubtedly worth the effort.


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