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MLB Stolen Base Leaders By Year—1990s

Updated on May 2, 2008

Rickey Henderson

Kenny Lofton

Marquis Grissom


As far as base stealers go, the nineties were dominated by guys like Kenny Lofton and Marquis Grissom, and the aging veteran Rickey Henderson even led the majors with 66 steals in 1998. Here is a complete list of those leaders by year in the ‘90's.

1999-Tony Womack, Arizona Diamondbacks (72)

Tony Womack went from Pittsburgh to Arizona, and in his first year with the D-backs, led the majors with a career-best 72 stolen bases. That season, Womack hit .277 with 25 doubles, 10 triples, 111 runs, and an on-base percentage of .332.

1998-Rickey Henderson, Oakland Athletics (66)

Rickey Henderson's 130 steals in 1982 is still a major league record, and one that may never be broken. But what's even more remarkable is that Henderson led the majors in steals again in 1998 at the age of 39. That season, Henderson stole 66 bases, while batting .236 with 16 doubles, 101 runs, 14 homers, 57 RBI, 118 walks and a .376 on base average.

1997-Brian Hunter, Detroit Tigers (74)

Brian Hunter had a nice ten-year career with a few different teams, but his best year was with Detroit in 1997 when Hunter led the majors with 74 stolen bases. In addition to that number, Hunter batted .269 with 177 hits, 112 runs, 29 doubles, 7 triples, and a .334 on-base average. Unfortunately, Hunter also struck out a career-high 121 times.

1996-Kenny Lofton, Cleveland Indians (75)

Kenny Lofton was the premiere leadoff hitter in the game when the Indians were on that resurgence in the 1990's. He led the majors in stolen bases three times; including 1996 when he had a career high 75 steals. In addition, Lofton batted .317 with 210 hits, 132 runs, 35 doubles, 4 triples, 14 homers, 67 RBI, a .372 on base average and .446 slugging percentage.

1995-Quilvio Veras, Florida Marlins (56)

Quilvio Veras only played seven seasons in the majors, but he managed to rack up 239 career stolen bases, including the 1995 season when Veras led the majors with 56 steals.

That year was Veras' rookie year, and he also batted .261 with 20 doubles, 7 triples, 86 runs, 80 walks and .384 on-base percentage.

1994-Kenny Lofton, Cleveland Indians (60)

Even though he played in only 112 games in the strike-shortened 1994 season, Kenny Lofton stole a major league best 60 bases. That put him on pace for 86 steals in a 162-game season. Anyway, Lofton also batted a career best .349 that year, with 105 runs, 32 doubles, 9 triples, 12 homers, 57 runs batted in, .412 on base average and .536 slugging percentage.

1993-Kenny Lofton, Cleveland Indians (70)

In his second season with Cleveland, Kenny Lofton was becoming widely recognized as a great leadoff man and spark plug on a powerfully offensive team. That year was 1993, and Lofton led the majors with 70 stolen bases. He batted .325 with 28 doubles, 8 triples, 116 runs, and .408 on base percentage.

1992-Marquis Grissom, Montreal Expos (78)

Outfielder Marquis Grissom had a really nice 17-year career that began in the baseball equivalent of purgatory, Montreal. In 1992, Grissom led the majors in steals for the second straight season with 78. He batted .276 with 180 hits, 99 runs, 39 doubles, 6 triples, 14 home runs, 66 RBI, and a .322 on-base average.

1991-Marquis Grissom, Montreal Expos (76)

Grissom led the majors in stolen bases for the first time in 1991, with 76. That season, he hit .267 with 23 doubles, 9 triples, 6 homers, 39 runs batted in, and a .310 on base percentage.

1990-Vince Coleman, St. Louis Cardinals (77)

Vince Coleman ranks just a few notches below Rickey Henderson in the list of great base stealers (Henderson is first all-time, while Coleman is sixth). In 1990, Coleman led the majors with 77 steals, and it was also the sixth straight season in which Coleman led the National League in that department. He also hit .292 with 145 hits, 73 runs, 18 doubles, 9 triples, 6 homers, 39 RBI, .340 on base average and .400 slugging percentage.


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