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Updated on February 6, 2009

Goodbye Mom

My husband's mom passed away just before Thanksgiving. We were very saddened by her leaving us. However, she was born again through Jesus Christ and we know where she is celebrating her new life right now.

He wanted to do something very special for her as he was not there when she died. So, I went into our bedroom and spent some time alone with a pen and pad. I guess it took about and hour, maybe a little longer and I wrote this beautiful poem to her from him. It was copied on blue paper with a large rainbow reaching from the bottom corner all the way to the top. Very breathtaking.

We then put it in a very nice frame and he placed it on a pedestal at the head of her casket. It does have a copyright. Every poem that I write does. I wanted to share this on hub. Maybe it will bring some comfort to someone who may have recently experienced the same loss.


Wish I could have been there,

To gently hold your hand,

As you breathed your last goodbye,

But, I know you understand.

The Master stood beside your bed,

And whispered "Come to me",

Wish I could have seen your face,

As you kissed His nail-scarred feet.

Wish I could have seen your smile,

As you walked through heaven's gate.

Mom I already miss you so,

But, I understand heaven couldn't wait.


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