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Make Money Sharing Files

Updated on May 21, 2008

File Hosting sites allow you to share files with others. If you need to send a file to someone, sending the file as attachment is not easy if the file size is large. For sending large files, it is better to use Free File Hosting sites.

You can upload your file to Free File Hosting site, after upload finished, you will get a link, that you can share with others. They can go to the link, then download the file as they needed. Once file is uploded, others can download the file any number of time. This is free service, you don't have to pay for storage space or bandwidth used.

BizHat Free File hosting pay you for using the free service. They share profit with users. When some one visit the site for downloading a file, they will show advertisement on the site, this will generate income for the web site. They will share part of the income with the users. If you share many files, you can make some money with out lot of work.

Earn Money Sharing Files
Earn Money Sharing Files


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      Agro Donkey 9 years ago from Ohio

      Not a bad idea.