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Making Money and Producing Quality

Updated on May 22, 2008

I'VE MADE IT!!! Now what???

Online we read how to produce, get notice producing and to make tons of money at it. With very little investment we can make large sums of cash and live the lifestyle that we always wanted or better yet, deserve. While there is nothing wrong with making money or getting your message/product out to the public, there is something wrong when the quality is less than standard and people are being pushed below their scruples.

Quality content should be a rule of thumb as opposed to quanitity. This is often said but not often applied or even supported by the communities and entities that organized it. What we foster instead is a seared mental conscience composed of people who are all out for what they can get.

Let's imagine that a good fifty percent have made their fortunes by means of internet, real estate or investing. They have worked hard and expect to be treated better because their money demands that they do. However, where ever they go they are being filmed for YouTube and pulled by their accountants and money managers to invest in the newest stock or real estate developments. They are told that it is vital that they act now or all that they have worked for will be lost. This is because the other fifty percent want to make their fortunes and see to it that they can make them off of the fifty percent that have made it. Therefore vacations are short and time is spent worrying about their funds, any time off is spent in short bursts of intoxicated nights and dazed mornings.

Ahh, then the awaking comes. What does it all mean? What am I amassing so much for? What mark am I making? When is there enough? Let's imagine another story. Let's say fifty percent have made their fortune, it came from the above three sources but this time they are driven by the best they can give to others and they have put a piece of themselves in each new project. They have given not only their time and effort but their care and attention to the people who will use their product. The last half that wants to make their fortune notice this and want to uphold the same standards as the first half. Just because they want to maintain the positive effect that the first half has made on their lives.

As a result less time is spend in therapy, the crime rate in major cities goes down, and people feel a little more connected with one another.

I am I a dreamer? Yes I am, Martin, John, and me

Your friendly universal,



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