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Making a will

Updated on February 20, 2008

your will


Making a Will...

Making a will is important and can be easy. In the USA, in most states it is mandatory to be over the age of 18 years and have clear mental competence. Some states will allow your spouse to make some changes about assets in the will, check your local state office for you local laws about wills.

A will is important because is indicates what assets belong to you in the event of your death, and gives you a voice regarding where your assets will end up. It is important when creating your will to include all your financial information, including account numbers. Indicate who will get what, how will your funds be distributed. When you are putting your will together it is also important to include the name of the beneficiary(s), it is recommended that you include the full names as well as date(s) of birth and current identification information with the contact information.

You should state in your will detailed information about who will get what, and what should be done with the rest of your assets. Be specific, i.e. if Wendy is suppose to get grandma's broche then say so, if Bob gets the furniture, say so. The more detail the easier it will be for your loved ones in the difficult after math of losing you.

A will does not always have to be on file to be valid, many people these days to not file them through the courts. If you have large sums of money whether invested in properties or something else you may want to consider contacting your lawyer to have them help and offer advice. If you chose not to file your will you still must have at least to witnesses sign the will to make it more legal.

After your will is completed you should inform your family that there is a will in place, but remember not to discuss it with them to avoid argument or disappointment. You should how ever inform someone you trust where the will is located in case of a sudden death. One more thing, the earlier you make a will the better, you never know what can happen.


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