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Making Your Own Birthday, Thank You Cards

Updated on March 8, 2007

Making your own cards is easier than you think. Especially if you have children. Kids are very crafty and love to make things like cards. When they can make a birthday card for the friend whose birthday they are going to, they feel so proud and as if they really contributed to the present. Especially the younger child. Thank you cards are the same way. My kids really enjoy drawing a picture and putting stickers and stamps on a piece of construction paper and writing a short note.

Adults love to get handmade cards as well. It shows that you put a lot of thought into the card for them. Most people feel so special when they realize that someone took the time to make them a card.

If you were to walk into a store to purchase a birthday card or thank you card, you are looking at spending an average fo $2.50 - $3.00. Some cards are $.99, but there isn't much of a selection. Most cards are between $2.00 and $4.00. This can really add up! You can get a pack of thank you notes or kids birthday cards for $4.99 or so, but that is still pricey to me. I also find that most store bought cards don't say exactly what I want to say. In fact they are usually too mushy for me. So making my own is a good alternative.

It really doesn't cost much money to make your own cards. Construction paper, crayons or markers for kids, stickers and/or stamps and you are set. Most people would love to get an actual piece of artwork from your child as a thank you note, rather than a store bought note with one line written. Especially grandparents.

For more sophisticated cards you can purchase a pack of cardstock and a set of stamps for pretty cheap. The 50 count pack of cardstock will make 100 cards. The stamps will last forever. Alphabet stamps will allow you to stamp anything. You can also purchase a greeting card stamp kit for around $20 and it will usually include stamps for birthdays, thank you, sympathy, friendship, etc. This will cover a wide array of cards and again will last forever.

So if you spend $30 on supplies and you get 100 cards from it that is $.30 per card, much cheaper than several dollars per card. Making adult cards doesn't take long and can be done while watching television in the evenings. For cards made by children, a 30 minute craft time in the afternoon should make all the thank you cards they need for the birthday presents they received. Making your own cards, for any occasion is not only fun, but it is easy and saves money as well.


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