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Maui Chopper,TruTv

Updated on December 11, 2008

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Hawaii's Most Elite Making The Worlds Most Dangerous Chopper Rescues

TruTv brings to the TV a new reality show, Maui Choppers. Follow the Maui Search and Rescue helicopter team as they battle the elements to save the lives of stranded hikers caught in flash floods, or surfers getting beat by massive waves and any one else that finds themselves in trouble in paradise. The high action drama unfolds as they performs rescues in high wind and dangerous weather on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui. Aside from the rescues the pilot team engages in police and federal assignments.

Maui Chopper consist of a team of pilots from Windward Aviation, based out of Kahului Airport and working with Maui County’s Fire Department, Ocean Safety Department, and various state and federal agencies. The pilots are world renowned for their abilities and tenacity to engage them selves in dangerous situations, and are often called upon as a last resort solution, and when things go wrong in paradise Windward is who they call. Head pilot and owner of Windward Aviation, Don Shearer has been flying helicopters for over 25 years, and has worked on projects ranging from the filming of James Bond movies and capturing close in shots of big wave surfing and has flown around the world on a variety of types of high caliber work.

When asked about the show and it's focus, he simply replied- "Most people come to Hawaii to relax and enjoy the natural paradise, but far too often they go home dead, this island (Maui) can kill you." Maui Chopper is all about capturing the intense reality of it.

The show will also depict the personalites of the crew as well as the day to day office opperations. Donna Palomino-Shearer, wife and co-owner of Windward Aviation is back bone of the team and plays a strong role with in the show. Maui Chopper is highlighted with extreme personalities and pressure of saving lives in the most dangerous way possible. Expect to be hooked.

The rescue helicopter has three cameras attached: one pointed into the cockpit, one pointed straight down to capture that action, and one aimed forward. When available another helicopter will be used to take aerials of the rescues and other work. The show began filming in early July, they filmed for eight weeks, and plan on running an initial six episodes. Maui Chopper is scheduled to premire on Monday December 8'th at 8pm. If the first six episode do well, it is in the works to produce two more seasons of the show.


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    • profile image 

      10 years ago

      Yes ALL collectives are in the left hand. Love aviation but please do not get seriously involved in it, cost to much and no reward, industry needs a eye opener!!!! Anyone training get fixed wing first and than get an "add-on" rotor onto your certificate (a lot cheaper).

    • profile image

      Nathan Swinton 

      10 years ago

      The Photo is reversed! thats why the cyclic is in the left hand. Check altimeter numbers, they are backwards. Good show enjoy watching 500's at work.

      Look foward to more episodes.

    • profile image

      Thomas Lancaster  

      10 years ago

      Ya, you guys got a great thing going! Anybody who likes helicopters and the scenery of Hawaii will love your show. I myself have always loved the 500D helicopter and I grew up in Haiku Valley Kaneohe and never take the scenery for granted. I really appreciate the camera work for the show. The way the cameras are mounted in and on the out side of the chopper makes for a great view of all the action.

      Keep up the good work

      Thomas... yes Robert's brother

    • profile image

      Robert Lancaster  

      10 years ago

      It's finally nice to see some of our true heros in action, and some of them are flying 500D's, not throwing a ball through a hoop and making 30 million a year! I liked the show it really shows what it takes to rescue people that find them selves in over their heads. Without those wonderful 500Ds and the skill to do the wild thing a lot of people would be dead! Here in Kaneohe I've seen many rescues from the Stairway to Heaven or at least the guys that go off the regular path. I hope the show thrives and people are enlightened to all the action.

      Hey are you still looking for a pilot? I don't have hour one but I am a great learner, ha ha...

      Keep up the great work!......

    • profile image


      10 years ago


    • profile image

      The Boss 

      10 years ago

      Since when is the Cyclic in the left-hand!!??


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