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McGreevey Seems A Little McCreepy To Me

Updated on May 3, 2007

Am I The Only Gay That Thinks McGreevey Is McCreepy? - Don't Get Me Started!

I know that we're all supposed to go running around with our pink triangle shirts and rainbow flags a flying to represent the unity of our gayness, supporting one another better than the 18hour bra supported Jane Russell back in the day but when it comes to ex-governor Jim McGreevey I just get a weird kind of, oh I don't know, a sense that, hmmm, okay, am I the only gay that thinks McGreevey is McCreepy? - Don't Get Me Started!

I remember all too well (like a moon landing or the day you got that bad perm your hairdresser talked you into) when Jim McGreevey came out stating he was a "gay American." I remember being all kinds of excited that for whatever reason, we had our first gay governor coming out. It didn't matter that the only reason he seemed to be coming out was because he was being blackmailed. And even part of that made him seem more honorable for standing against the blackmailer, losing the career he'd worked his whole life for and in the process also coming out to the world at large. Good for all us gays, right? Then it started...the supposed boyfriend was on the payroll, the supposed boyfriend claims he isn't gay and was attacked by McGreevey and so on and so on. Still we gays have to stick together, right? So we all just sort of took the supposed boyfriend to be a closet case and we wondered what Mr. McGreevey would do next. Of course, it was to write a book. And not to be outdone, his wife has one out too.

I remember that my creepy feelings about McGreevey seemed to start almost immediately but I was able to squelch them down for the most part. That is until he was on Oprah. The first thing was that smile, it's sort of a cross between a born again Christian and a Mormon smile. It says, "I always smile. Smiling will make people believe me. I believe me when I smile. The Lord walks with me. Gee, I'm glad that they can just sedate me now instead of giving me a full frontal lobotomy!" He kept using the word, "arrogant" about himself about the years of his "deception" to himself and everyone around him but really the more he talked the more it seemed to me that he was still very arrogant and loved himself a whole lot more than even his Australian sugar daddy could love him. The whole mansion and sitting on the lawn in their deck chairs just made me pukalicious to be honest. He seemed like an old southern queen who finally got to decorate a mansion with early American furniture and a sling in the basement.

Now the wife has come out with a book and she's been on Oprah too. To be honest, both the McGreeveys make me ill. I mean, who could blame her for writing a book? She deserves to make money too. And if she wasn't too old to be in the VH1 demographic, I'm sure that they would be offering her a reality series to find a man. You know, every week they would do competitions to prove how straight they were and how they deserved Dina McGreevey's trust and hand. But here's the deal, are these people writers? No. Of course they hire ghost writers to write for them. But who wants to read, "Day One - I got up. I made breakfast. Jim didn't seem gay today." "Day Five - Jim says he has something to tell me. There's a press conference later. I wonder if I cleaned the strap on from last night." Needless to say, I won't be buying either book. Now perhaps I'd be singing a different tune if someone offered to pay a crap load of money for my story. But come on, if I want to read a novel about politicians in denial I'll read a book about George W. Bush (no thank you).

When Dina McGreevey was on Oprah (trying desperately to mask her Jersey accent) she told of just how awful her experience was, kind of why she was smiling through the landmark press conference and that she really didn't even know the man who had become Jim McGreevey. They asked him for a statement or if he had anything to say to his ex and in one of the more arrogant and ridiculous statements, he started it with something like, "Congratulations, you are sitting on one of the most famous couches in the world." Who uses that as an opening line when you know that your ex-wife who didn't know you were gay is on Oprah talking about her tell all book? This was his chance to say something of importance, not just a line that some speech writer wrote for him like, "I am a gay American" (Or "Mission Accomplished"). And he chose to be dazzled instead by his own notoriety and himself once again.

So good for McGreevey (I guess) he has the mansion, the man and the money. But at the end of the day, what I'm left with is a sense of a man who did whatever it took to get exactly what he wanted for himself above everyone else (no matter what the cost to the people around him that he claimed to love) and is still doing that today. Oh let's make him a grand marshal of a parade and hold him up as some sort of example by all means because we gays can sometimes be so starved for some recognition that we'll take anyone who says they're gay and can call a press conference and make them our poster boy. Does anyone else think that perhaps the so called lover from the scandal might have been telling the truth? That McGreevey was as big a letch as some Catholic priests or that uncle in your family that your mother never let you be alone with because she knew better? Does anyone else get a little unnerved by that McGreevey grin? The dyed hair? The thinny thin thin appearance? Say what you will but as gay as I am I don't think I can support this guy on that fact alone. He's going to have to show me some more integrity for me to get on the parade float with him. Am I the only gay that thinks McGreevey is McCreepy? - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      LoLO 10 years ago

      I think I read today that he has decided to enter the Priesthood or some sort of Monistary.

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      I know, right??

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      I'm with you 100%. I'm not sure why we gay people are supposed to automatically adore every public gay figure. I haven't seen much about him, but at the end of the day he's still a sleazy, corrupt politician. And I agree, the plastic dyed hair, orange skin and plastered-on smile that politicians love always seem gross.