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Meaning Spider Animal Medicine Cards

Updated on November 4, 2010


Meaning of Animal Medicine cards 05

This is the list of the final medicine cards meanings. Medicine cards are used to tell one’s life path. If you should read the hubs on Animal medicine, Totem animals, Medicine wheel and Medicine card spread, you will be able to follow and use this wonderful system. I wonder which of these animals would be United Atate Of America Presient Barack Abama's totem animal.

Whale –Record keeper, a library #41

Whale people are coded in their DNA to understand the sound frequencies. They can bring up records in the memory’s ancient knowledge. They hear very low and very high frequencies. They are usually physically developed and fairly telepathic. They are usually not aware of this until the time to use the stored record. Many whale people are able to tap into the universal mind of Great Spirit and have no idea how or why ,later when they receive the confirmation do they begin to understand how are why they receive the impression. Use the sound frequency to balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical form. Allow your voice to release tension. Whale signal time to find your origin you are the melody of the universe.

Reverse: You are not following your sonar homing device. On some level you forget you have all you need to survive to grow and to claim the power of your chosen destiny. Contrary whale is saying you must desire to know



Bat-Rebirth #42

Bath is the symbol of rebirth showing death to the old way of life, breaking down all the former notions of self. If bat is in your spread it signifies ritualistic death of some old way of life that prepares you for rebirth. The universe is asking you in every way to grow and become your future. To do so you must die the Sharman death of ridicule, physical strength, and psychic ability of having every emotional button push hard.

Reverse: stagnation of spirit. Refusal to acknowledge your true destiny which is always to use the talent you have to fullest is a reversal of your natural cycle. Use your mind, courage, and strength to encourage and assure an easier labor. You must be concerned with more than just today and tomorrow. You are responsible for the future.




Learn to make records of your progress. Do not get caught into the web of illusion and never see beyond the horizon. Be decisive enough to change our lot in life. We may be consumed in our fears and limitations. You may be coming too close to an entangled situation. Review your process by using a journal. Congratulations, something you have woven has brought fruit. You are an infinite being who will continue to weave patterns of life. Do not fail to be expansive.

Reverse: If you have become disdainful of your mate and feel superior it’s time to recognize the opposite pattern energy. Do not harass your family members or individuals at your work place. Negative criticism breaks down a relationship and is a reflection of something you hate within yourself.

You are entangled in the web of your own illusion. May be you are showing a lack of creativity. Move on do not become stagnant move on to find joy in a new phase of creative spinning.



humming bird- Joy #44

Humming bird gives us lesson in solving the riddle of duality and awakens new joy. Humming bird’s magical qualities has been used for years in making love charms as it conjures love as no other medicine. Without an open loving heart you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss. If humming bird is in your personal medicine you love life and joy. You join people together in relationships which brings out the best in them. You know instinctively where beauty abides. You move comfortable in a beautiful environment and help others taste the nectar. If humming bird flows into your cards get ready to laugh and enjoy the creator’s gift. Drop your judgmental attitude and relax. Never be coarse in front of humming bird, this is a fragile medicine.

Reverse: Speaks of matters of the heart. May present sorrow and inability to see the many blessing we have been given. Journey into your personal pain and know that your sorrow is your joy

Cards 45-53 are blank cards.

 Author:(Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray






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    • profile image

      Jacci Moon 7 years ago

      They may very well be your guardians =) Mine are crows and ravens mainly hehe heres what i found about Jays --

      Understanding how to use power wisely



      Ability to check on future trouble spots

      a better site is above=)


    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 8 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      I do not know the reading for blue Jays either.

    • profile image

      faleesha 8 years ago

      ive been seing alot of blue jays and i need to know what they mean but i cant find there meaning any where

    • profile image

      Raymond 8 years ago

      Cards 45-52 are not blank in my deck

      45 Blue Heron

      46 Raccoon

      47 Prairie Dog

      48 Wild Boar

      49 Salmon

      50 Alligator

      51 Jaguar

      52 Black Panthar