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Meeting a right person on right time

Updated on December 5, 2007

This in continuation of the "Being on the wrong Place" As I have written in that post that its the fate which decides where we will be and when, same way I think fate decides that when we will meet to whom and for what purpose.

I recently had a breakup with one of my best friend. We were so close to each other that by the time we don’t share the whole day activity we can't digest the food, She was my guide philosopher and a great helper during my bad days. Whenever I use to remember our happy days, a ray of bright happiness still touches my face. I don’t know what happen but she just stop talking to me one fine day in the beginning I also taken it to my ego but when I realizes that its very difficult for me to live without sharing those happy moment of my life which was happening to me, I tried talking to her but I think it was too late by then and she has gone far away from me, she has stop replying to any of my communication. I tried lot many times and then finally I realized that friendship can't be happen one sided. This whole incident broke me in to pieces. And I’d become introvert

Then again fate has taken a decision to introduce me to this totally stranger. When I need somebody at the most who can bring back the faith of friendship in me. Apparently I met with this stranger on the ILand only. In the beginning I resist myself a lot to talk to this stranger, This person was keep on sending me messages but that thought of sadness was not letting me believe to anybody again to that level. But as decision has already been taken for me so I can't resist myself for so long and finally I replied on his message. And we became good friends.

Today I am happy that I got a very good friend again with whom I can share my thoughts on any topic.

We all need somebody or the other is our life called friend, which could be or could not be you spouse. Somebody who can correct you when you are wrong, who can encourage you when you need some motivation, who can give an ear of sympathy when you need and can give suggestion for the problems.

But To nurture any friendship you need 2 brains which can think alike and can share the thoughts with each other.


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