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Megan Hauserman Is Getting Her Own VH1 Reality Show!

Updated on January 6, 2009

Oh Yeah! Hottie Tottie Megan Hauserman Gets Her Own Show!!!!

 I have adored Megan Hauserman ever since I caught her on I Love Money, and Rock of Love Charmed School. She has also been on Rock of Love, and a few other reality shows, probable more than I am even aware of.

At any rate though, I fell in love not with her hot body, or obviously fake boobs or dyed blond hair, but I fell in love with her spicy devious personality. Her carefree way, and back stabbing mentality.

She was always the evil villian, in every single reality show I caught her on, she was always the master planner, yet no one else ever saw it coming because she hides this deviousness with a beautiful smile, and a confused innocent look on her face.

No one ever expects the angelic girl to be the mean girl who is plotting everyone elses moves as if they are her puppets.

In I Love Money she made it far by using her wits. She had other contestants fighting amongst one another, and her smooth strategies always seemed to let her have her way.

In Rock Of Love Charmed School, she got sent packing early on simply because she gave a kick to Brandi M. If you happened to of caught the 'never before seen episdoe' of Rock Of Love Charm School though, you will get to see a different camera angle, and you do see that Brandi M. did in fact push at Megan first.

No matter though, because Megan Hauserman got sent packing.

Guess who is laughing all the way to the bank though?

Eben though she lost Rock of Love Charm School, and she lost Bret (blech) Michaels, VH1 was not done with her yet, because they decided to give the sexy blond who's ambition in life is to be someones trophy wife, her own reality show!


So far it is being rumored that the show will be called Trophy Wife, and basically poor guys should not even bother signing up to be a contestant. Megan is looking fora millionaire, and their prize of course is her.

I definitely plan on tuning in to this one as soon as VH1 announces the air date. It is sure to be filled with laughs, back stabbing, and tears...maybe even some fighting! Shes the hottest girl that VH1 has ever given a show to, so it should be steamy.

Likely Brandi C. will appear in a few episodes. That though is pure speculation, but knowing how VH1 does things, I wouldn't doubt it.



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    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 8 years ago from Earth

      lol. Shes a hot number. Shes got some sun spots she needs to clear up, but if I were a guy, Id still do her.

    • profile image

      Adam B 8 years ago

      I am with you 100%, my wife and her sisters HATE Megan but I love her for being so manipulative and nasty. She is great TV and I will watch her whenever she it on. That being said, I don't know if I could deal with her in my personal life, I think I can only handle her for an hour a week in fantasy land.

    • profile image

      Georgio 9 years ago

      FUCK YEAH!