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Mel Kiper 2007 NFL Draft Top 5

Updated on February 12, 2007

Calvin Johnson (courtesy

Adrian Peterson (courtesy of

ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr. has become known for two things: his hair, which resembles a cliff; and analyzing the NFL college draft. The dude has certainly found his niche in life, and then some. As usual, there are several great players that will be available to NFL teams picking near the top of the draft, and Kiper ranked his Top 5 and Top 25 on Here is a summary of the five top prospects, according to the cliff-haired wonder, and he states that these are subject to change a lot in the next few weeks:

1. Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech--While Kiper believes Johnson will not be chosen first by the Raiders, he expects him to be in the top 5. This is a big, fast receiver who has a great work ethic and doesn't cause trouble--perhaps like Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald. Tampa QB Chris Simms needs a dependable target, and this may be his guy.

2. Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin--Projected by Yahoo Sports to be the fifth pick by the Cardinals, Thomas is considered by many to be the best offensive lineman in the draft. He would look really good on the right side of the Cardinals line, protecting the blind side of left QB Matt Leinart.

3. Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma--A coin flip will determine who drafts third and fourth between Cleveland and Tampa Bay, and Kiper claims that either way the Browns will spend their pick on Peterson.

4. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame--He might have Quinn ranked here, but Kiper said in a published story that he expects that the Notre Dame QB's stock has dropped somewhat and that he might fall to the Dolphins at #9.

5. JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU--Kiper expects that the Raiders will pick Russell with the top pick, and if you've seen this kid play, you certainly can't argue with the logic. He has a gun for an arm, and great vision downfield. And honestly, the Raiders need someone who can lead their team the way Vince Young led the Titans in 2006.

You can argue with Kiper, and many will dispute his rankings and offer their own top 5 choices, but you know he spends more time analyzing the draft each year than most people do in a lifetime.


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      NedRyerson 6 years ago

      How is that Brady Quinn/JaMarcus Russell combo looking now in 2011?