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Microsoft's New Google Fighters

Updated on February 1, 2009

As we went to press,microsoft announced a new initiative to promote its Windows Live services as alternatives to those of google & yahoo.

The big news:Partnerships with some 50 third-party services-including Digg,Flickr,Linked In,Panadora,Stumble Upon,Twitter,WordPress -will allow you to send and receive updates to & from these services througgh your windows live account.

Microsoft has also revealed plans for potential Google Docs killers:web version of Word,Excel 7 Powerpoint, which will let people collaborate on documents located either online or on PCs.These Office live web apps will appear with next version of Office(Microsoft did'nt specify a ship date).

The dominance of Offile file formats could give  Microsoft a real boost here.But without AOL,Facebook,Google & Myspace,the Live drive might stall.


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