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Mirror Mirror

Updated on July 8, 2008
Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror

Who are you . . . really? Really!

Denise (

If I asked you to write a short bio on ten people who are around you minimally several times a week, what would their bios read like? Would they be evenly tempered, patient and ready to forgive? Would they be insightful, intuitive and given to spiritual quests? Would they be argumentative, controlling and stubborn? Would they be social or would they keep to themselves?

Sit down and write a bio about the people around you. Wait a month then sit down and write your own bio. You just might be shocked at how similar the bios read. The old adage “birds of a feather flock together” might hold more truth than we’d imagine.

You got it! The people around us tell us a lot about ourselves. They work like reflections in more ways than one. Not only do they reflect inner workings of our own personalities, thoughts patterns, beliefs, mannerisms and behavior, the people who surround us also reveal what we’re looking for. They enable parts of ourselves we may be unwilling to change but would do well to adjust or completely let go of in order to make room for new, more loving qualities.

So the next time you get angry with your neighbors, your relatives or colleagues at work, pause and think about how you might be contributing to the way they speak or behave when they are around you. One thing is certain, we all feel and behave differently depending on who we are around. As much effort as we might give to avoid doing this, it’s doggone near impossible to avoid.

Want the people around you to change? Begin to make slight shifts within yourself. Don’t believe it? Change one thing you do everyday when you’re in public. For example, you could arrive to work an hour earlier or stay an hour later or better yet, leave an hour earlier than you normally do. Break your schedule, your routine, and watch how others begin to shift how they react to you. To start, nearly everyone will probably be confused at the change in you and try to figure it out. Some may come right up to you and ask you point blank, “Why are you coming in or leaving earlier?” Some may ask “Are you all right? Is everything okay?”

It’s almost as if within each of us, way down at our core, we know that we influence one another. Perhaps somewhere within our being we fully realize that we are all connected. And when we witness the slightest shift in someone else, we become suddenly concerned because we know, we just know, the mirror’s shifting for us as well.

That’s the beauty of change. It impacts us all. And so, what’s the mirror saying to you? What’s the mirror telling you about yourself?



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