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Miss America Got It Wrong

Updated on February 8, 2007

And They Got It Wrong, Thank You Miss America Organization For Pissing Me Off Even More - Don't Get Me Started!

Well, the glitz and glamour is over for another year and we'll just have to hope the Miss America organization takes a good look at itself and tries to be better next year. Were there surprises, no but there was plenty of disappointment. And they got it wrong, thank you Miss America Organization for pissing me off even more - Don't Get Me Started!

The show started innocently enough and I thought that things were going my way when I saw my two favorites make it into the top ten and then the top five. That's right; from the start of the show Miss Georgia and Miss Texas were my faves. They exuded charm and grace and yet having watched more than one pageant in my day, I also thought that they may be a little too real for the Miss America gang.

The good news was having Chris Matthews grill the girls during interview. He really made them work and didn't just accept the three current events that the girls are coached and brainwashed on prior to the interview event. The bad news was Debbie Allen as a judge who should not be seen anymore, ever. Between her wacky hats, crazy outfits and the fact that the only person more annoying than her is her sister, Phylicia Rashad these sisters have gotten on my nerves for years. With their affected way of speaking as if they are superior to everyone and yet does she not have a mirror? Hasn't she ruined enough award shows with her bad choreography? She need not be on the Miss America show. A big ugh to that and where was Delta Burke, who was featured on the Pageant School show and was supposed to be a judge? God knows, she couldn't have eaten enough to make her as big as Debbie Allen or picked anything more ridiculous to wear than her.

But back to the competition...well, by the time we got to talent, I was thinking that my two girls were in for sure. Miss Texas sang and really gave it to Chris Matthews in her interview explaining that she started in the pageant circuit with $200 as a way to try and win scholarship money so she could go to school. She won the preliminary, the state and in the opinion of viewers won the talent competition as well. Add in that she was the first ever black Miss Texas and you know I'm loving her a lot. She is talented and I wondered if they would allow her to go all the way because she almost seemed too poised and above the typical Miss America. Next up was my Miss Georgia. Nothing could have prepared me for this debacle. She tap danced to a Prince song and dear Lord, whoever told her she should use this as her talent we're surely on crack or smoking Georgia peach pits. This killed her chances and yet the next time she came on stage I was somehow able to forgive as she was so great looking and answered her question so well.

And so it came down to three Miss Georgia, Miss Texas and then Miss Oklahoma - a typical, big old fried blonde who sang poorly, gave bad answers yet looked like the typical Miss America. As Georgia and Texas were both ethnic looking, this was the big blonde hope and apparently that's exactly what the judges wanted as Miss Oklahoma is now the new Miss America.

How could the judges get it so wrong? Okay, I understand that Miss Georgia's bad tap dancing may have been unforgivable so take her out of the equation. But how could you miss someone the big rags to riches story that Miss Texas would have brought to your pageant? I'll tell you why, because Miss Texas was not a typical pageant girl. Unlike some of her competitors who had competed in 35 preliminaries before they even got to go to state, Miss Texas placed in her first competition and then won state. Miss America is built on creating a bizarre hierarchy and Miss Texas would have destroyed the biggest money maker for them, the repeat competitor. If someone could conceivably make it to become Miss America with $200 starting point and her first time at bat it would mean that the Miss America organization wouldn't be able to keep their hold on girls for years and years of competing. I've had friends who were in the pageant circuit and they were told, "This isn't your year dear. Keep competing and in two years, we'll give you the state title."

So knowing what I know, why do I still watch? Because much like Anne Frank, I believe that deep down inside human beings are good. I also thought that for once we might get us a great Miss America. But no, we got another beat blonde who no one will really care about. Way to go Debbie Allen and your panel of judges! And for those of you who have been waiting for me to move on from my Miss America rants, they are officially over. And they got it wrong, thank you Miss America Organization for pissing me off even more - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      Believe it or not, if you watched the Pageant Camp: Becoming Miss America show you would have seen that Delta Burke is indeed thin again!

    • profile image

      Kathy 10 years ago

      Come on now...Debbie Allen *bigger* than Delta Burke? She'd have to eat Phylicia to have that happen.