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Mistress Confessions Part IV (con't) - The Cinderella Syndrome

Updated on April 1, 2008
  Isolde (Iseult)Charles E. Perugini- Oil on canvas
Isolde (Iseult)Charles E. Perugini- Oil on canvas

The Conclusion Regarding "The Cinderella Syndrome" is this:

If ol' Cindy (Cinderella that is) had been a real person - she would have been an extremely dysfunctional individual as a result of the years of the mental and physical (over worked) abuse that she suffered at the hands of her extended family. Not to mention a little thick in the thighs and around the middle from the weight gain that an abused person often experiences when their body does the only thing that it can do to protect and cushion itself.

Given the workload depicted in the story, one could also deduce that she may have been as strong as an ox! Certainly not the delicate "flower" of a woman depicted in the Disney classic. And there is a good chance, she would have looked like an overstuffed blueberry muffin in that filmsy dress that she wore to the ball!

The Prince would have counted himself very lucky to have landed such a virginal "wife" who knew nothing of what was expected of her. Nor would she have had a clue as to how a "true" prince was supposed to behave.

Little Cinderella would have been completely dependent upon a husband who would have had to school her in what to do and when and how to do it.

Have I killed this for you yet? Bear with me, because I realize that I may sound a little bitter - but I promise to lead you through this misconception.

Once ole' "Princy Pooh" grew tired of schooling his wife, he would eventually instruct others to guide her, so that he could pay more attention to "matters of state" or some other male oriented "business" that, in his medieval mind, women shouldn't concern themselves with.

I will not go into the remaining possibilities regarding the depths of her unhappiness, but the long and short of this story is that Cinderella would have been the proverbial "Doormat". And sooner or later, her husband would be keeping company with one or two of the castle chambermaids.

Of course there is one instance in which Cindy could have saved herself, and that is if by the time a "true" Prince of Charm appeared in her life, (one always eventually does), she had gained enough sense to know herself, be comfortable with who she was, and at least like herself enough to keep her wits about her long enough to snag him and keep him.

But in truth...I doubt very seriously that she would have. A lesson like that usually takes a couple of kicks to the head to set in.

I am not a man hater by any means, but it takes all kinds of people to make up a world. And in the "real" world - there are too many women to mention who believe the Cinderella scenario with all of their hearts. For some, the fairytale may manifest as hoped - but there are far more who suffer miserably trying to turn their frog into a prince. All that I want these women (and you know who you are) to understand is that there is no way that Cinderella was a happy camper. Not at that particular juncture in her life anyway - because she had no way of knowing how to be happy.

So, I hope that you will take the time to think about your own personal symptoms and experiences with "The Cinderella Syndrome" and how much of the "hype" you have come to believe during your search for "true love". Once you have cleared the pixies from your head - then you may indeed have a shot at love, whether he's married or not. And hopefully he won't be when you find each other.

This is not the time to remember, but to forget the fairytales - and if you have chosen to be involved with a married man - you might as well be realistic about it.

Remember: Don't let a fairytale lead you into a nightmare!

"Cinderella" Tartan’s Asia Extreme™
"Cinderella" Tartan’s Asia Extreme™


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    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 6 years ago from Indiana

      What if the man wants to be treated in the equivalent.

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      ELFNTRU 9 years ago from United States

      Hello! Please feel free to comment "anonymously" if you like on any of my Hubs. You can even create yourself an account and become a "secret" fan. Don't worry no one will know who you are - but again feel free to express yourself! In the meantime - Thanks for stopping by! :)