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Mom or Dad : Which one I like the best?

Updated on June 4, 2008

Actually this is really hard to answer. I like them both, of course. But it's a lie if I don't have the one I like the most. Before stating which one I like the best, let me describe my parents.

My Mom

My Mother is a very very caring person. She is a doctor actually. She works in the hospital. She is generous, I dont have to beg for some money. Haha. Although I think she is a little inconsistent and spoils me.

My Dad

He is a multi-talented person. He can play manu musical instrument, although its not really that good. He thought me how to play drum. He is melancholic, he always want every side in the house clean, he really care of the small things.

But unfortunately, he go to works at another city, so I seldom meet him. But he usually comeback home at Saturday till Sunday.

And the conclusion is..

Personally I like my mom better. I don't know why but unlike to my dad, I can talk about many things, many problems to my mom.


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    • Tater2tot profile image

      Tater2tot 9 years ago from ~~~

      Yeah I would never be able to choose between my parents. But if i only saw my dad on Saturday and Sunday I would probably have a stronger relationship with my mom as well.

      good hub!


    • J_Eds profile image

      J_Eds 9 years ago from Blackpool

      I am surprised you are able to choose, I never could, but good for you that you can look at life so logically!