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Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free

Updated on December 19, 2008

Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free

I have four properties and I am happy that I have taken the first steps to creating a large portfolio. I am always on the look out for information about how to get better deals, make better investments, make the bank work for me better etc.

I was blown away when I read this amazing book from Andy Shaw called "Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free".


This is one revealing book. Written by a multi millionaire who made his money through property investing. In months not years.

Although Andy Shaw has his properties in the UK, his techniques could be applied anywhere. Basically, in a nutshell, what he does is get a mortgage, get a good deal on a property, maybe get some work done on it to force appreciation, get it revalued and get a second mortgage on the property and pay off the original mortgage and with the profit buy another property then repeat.

Oh Yes. Andy Shaw is adamant about this. DONT SELL. Ever

Andy Shaw, the author of Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free, bought 74 properties in his first year of investing in UK property worth over £12,000,000. 

Yes 12 MILLION Pounds.

Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free

Why Invest In UK Property?

Investing in property is without doubt the safest way to either make a fortune in equity, get some income from rent or maybe both. Investing in a property will ensure you a far better pension than putting an amount away every month only for the fund to go pear shaped. How many times has this happened. It will happen again.

I wouldn't want to have a heap of money Invested in banks at the moment. Once again, how many of these have gone under? There will be more. Even Government guaranteed banks aren't safe.

Do you really think the Government has enough money to pay off the Trillions invested in banks if they went down?

Think about it.

Property is the only way to go.

Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free is a tool that will enable you tap into the almost limitless money that is in bricks and mortar.

It is propably one of the best times ever to invest in cheap uk property and with very low interest rates. Now It's 2% and some say it might go down to zero.

Property prices will soar when this credit crunch is over. Why?

There was a shortfall of properties in the uk before this crisis and property was bouyant then. Every year, not enough new properties are being built for the population so the shortfall is getting worse. The true cost of property is still rising Right Now even though they are selling for less. This is creating a lot of upward pressure that when unleashed housing prices will go through the roof. (Sorry about the pun). 

Do you want to be part of this explosion? If so, I know that you will want a heads up, so that's why I would like you to read Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free.

Have a look at least because the first five chapters are free so you can see what Andy Shaw is all about.

Bon Voyage. 


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    • profile image

      TheMatys 5 years ago

      Did someone mentioned that the guy went bunkrupt during the credit crunch of 2008-2009? ;)