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More about Poetry ( old poem)

Updated on January 23, 2009

Preface: There was no electricity , not enough light, it was as hot as an oven in my room , and all I had I my little copy book and a black fountain pen. The poem unfortunately falls under the Main title of my collection :"Sonnets of Darkness". yet, I don't write because I am insane or have issues like most people think, I write because I feel like it because I and my pen are one. Enjoy XD.

The Ultimate Loss:

The flames are rising,

Angels are falling,

Burning stars are fading,

Our cries rise to the skies,

Surrender to the dark in disguise

Tonight angels are surrounded

By raging fires bounded

They have lost their wings to darkness

Once, seeking a battle of greatness.

All are pones in one big game,

Forced like others to live in shame.

Bowing their heads to the master of the night

For losing their ultimate fight

Demons and demi-gods all hail

For darkness has to prevail

The master of the night

Has come to claim his right

The wonderful scent of death

Bringing eternal ruin to earth

For once he walked among the dead

Mercy was the only thing the angels plead

δiℓєηt Tέâяδ=uriel


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 9 years ago from Lebanon

      Hey, am glad ur back too lol... And yes, rhyming is really a hard thing to do. yet, sometimes i tend to write my verses as one line and then devide the sentences so the verses would rhyme regardless to whether or not the devision sutes the thoughts ( i think it is wacky but sometimes it works). Thanks for ur comment :D

      Thanks for dropping by Needful Things :D... ANd yeh , the poem revolves about that topic. Yet when i was writing back then, i had no specific idea in mind. The verses just flowed like this, and it happened to rotate about that topic. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, You would enjoy the reset of the series . ( Which seem not to make sense to some people :D)

      Have a nice day .... Uriel

    • needful things profile image

      needful things 9 years ago from Poland

      Apocalyptic... very apocalyptic.... Your soul?

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      hey kid, glad your back. i think i can borrow tricks from you on doing rhymes - i find rhyming the hardest. good job on this one!

      btw, you might want to check out what a sonnet means :D

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines