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Movie Review: The Man Who Cried

Updated on March 1, 2008

A Seductive Film

Do you want to fall in love with Paris? The beauty, history, and art that is Paris comes alive in the film The Man Who Cried. This seductive movie is set in Paris just before the Nazis take it over. The lives of four strangers entwine as the movie unfolds, each of them carrying dangerous secrets. The movie stars Christina Ricci as an innocent young woman keeping her Jewish ancestry secret; Cate Blanchet as a fiery, seductive cabaret dancer; Johnny Depp as a sexy, mysterious gypsy; and, John Turturro as an ruthless, crooked operatic tenor.

The Story

Fegele, a young girl played by Ricci, is a Russian Jew separated from her father as a child. The father has gone to America to start a new life before sending for his daughter. But, before he sends for them, the village is burned, and Fegele is left alone. Fegele tries to get to America to find her father, but ends up being placed with a foster family in England and renamed Suzie.

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Suzie grows up into a beautiful young woman, with a singing voice that takes her to Paris where she ends up in a love affair with a mysterious gypsy (Johnny Depp). As the war spreads, Suzie must choose between finding her father or staying with her lover.

Is it worth it?

I’m not going to tell you more because you really have to see it for yourself. It is a beautiful, seductive movie. If you want to fall in love with the idea of Paris, then this movie is perfect for you. It is musically beautiful and the colors are deep and artistic. In many ways, I see this film as a work of art more than a story.

The Man Who Cried was the last film by Sacha Vierny, a French cinematographer who died in Paris in 2001. The Man Who Cried is tragically beautiful, and may well haunt you for a while after seeing it. Beautifully put together, the cinematography is enchanting. The actors are amazing, and you will forget the real world exists as the story unfolds.

I read somewhere that the scenes of the movie showing the people leaving Paris because of the Nazi occupation were shot just before the morning traffic jammed the streets. Traffic in Paris is crazy, so they must have had to work fast to shoot those scenes. Driving in Paris is crazy, especially when you get into one of the traffic circles—everyone goes so fast, and it is hard to get out of them. It is like water keeps pouring in, keeping you trapped in an endless loop.

Some of the movie’s scenes were shot in the Place de la Concorde after approval from the mayor of Paris. Because it is such a popular spot, especially among tourists, the agreement was that filming had to take place after midnight.

I cannot express just how beautiful this film is. In fact, after watching such beautiful portrayals of France, I’m always a bit disappointed in the lack of romance I actually find in the country. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful, wonderful place to visit, but I don’t have the seductive qualities that this movie makes me yearn for.

If you want to see what I mean, check out the movie. I’m so old school, I still have it in VHS format.

My Review:

It is a great movie. How do I know for sure? I am a huge Johnny Depp fan—I always have been, since I was a very young girl. He’s an amazing actor, but I know a movie is truly great when I forget that Johnny Depp is in it. If a movie can match his talents, then it is good in my book.

This might be a different way to review a movie, but hey—it’s my way. What I like might be crap to you, and the other way around.

Please share your own reviews, thoughts, ideas, and randomness in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Trailer for The Man Who Cried


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      you know what, you've hit the nail on the head with this review. I'm about to go to Paris and thought I'd watch it again to get myself in the mood. And you are right- after watching this you probably will be disappointed with the real thing!

      It is a visually stunning film and oozes with bohemian glamour. The score is really special too! Its a good film because it tells the story through every medium, and not just through dialogue.

      Plus Johnny Depp looks so hot in this!


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