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Moving Advice

Updated on August 25, 2008

Having just completed a move from one house to another, I thought I would share some tips, does and don't to help with this overwhelming task.

First is make a timeline and a list. Put down the date of your move. Next is to make a list of stuff you need to do at your new house before you move in. Examples are cable, utility, phone hookups. These can take anywhere from the next day to two weeks, so plan ahead. Also make your reservations for your moving van or moving company.

Get your home owners insurance in place before you move. You don't want to be moving and something drops off the dolly and falls through the floor, and then you have to out of pocket it. Also check to see if you need flood insurance, hurricane, earthquake etc.

Change your address. You can do it online now at This saves a lot of time, but if you can be sure and go by the post office and pick up a moving packet, free coupons are always good.

If you are moving yourself, spend the extra $10 for a furniture dolly, it will save you a lot of time and sore muscles. These are amazing and absolutely essential.

Pack, label and stack accordingly. Make a pile of 2 to 3 boxes of your essentials you will need immediately. Such as aspirin, alcohol and pringles. Okay, well maybe more then that. A good example is a change of clothes, some food, medicine, towles and bathroom toiletries. Label this box well and put it where is can be accessed easy. Also label all boxes with where they go and what they have in it. It makes a huge difference.

Last, be sure and stretch and get a good nights sleep the night before. A whole day of moving is stressful enough without being tired, cramped and sore.


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