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Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5 - faster, smarter and trustworthy!

Updated on June 1, 2008

Apple have declared the latest safari browser for windows fewmonths back now the magic world of internet is undergoing tremendous change as the "speed"become the arresting factor for a brand.Nothing else will replace the speed.

Coming days technology will reveal the latest brower version of the well known Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5 the real battles bigin...Firefox Vs Safari

What are the changes in this latest Firefox 3 beta 5 version?

Features catagorrised to 3 catagory of browsers-

a) every one b)Web browsers c) Extention devolopers

For every one-

  • Just start typing in the Location Bar to search your bookmarks and history. It adapts and learns as you use it.
  • Pause and resume your downloads, and search through your download history by file or website name using the new Download Manager.
  • Find out who you're talking to by clicking on the website icon.
  • Experience the fastest Firefox ever — twice to three times as fast on today's complex web applications like Google Mail or Zoho Office.

Web browsers-

Extention developers

  • Add power to your web applications with JavaScript 1.8, included in Firefox 3.

What's New in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 32 months. Building on the previous release, Gecko 1.9 has more than 12,000 updates including some major re-architecting to provide improved performance, stability, rendering correctness, and code simplification and sustainability. Firefox 3 has been built on top of this new platform resulting in a more secure, easier to use, more personal product with a lot more under the hood to offer website and Firefox add-on developers.

[Improved in Beta 5!] Firefox 3 Beta 5 includes more than 750 changes from the previous beta, improving stability and web compatibility, providing platform and user interface enhancements, and resulting in the fastest Firefox ever. Many of these improvements were based on community feedback from the previous beta.

firefox 3 beta 5

how to download fireforx

Mozilla has started a "beta tester mailing list" for online partcipants who can joint the sector with mozilla to find out the errors attached with this trial version before launching summer 2008!

The Mozilla QA team is building a mailing list that will be devoted exclusively to individuals and teams who are interested in providing valuable test coverage before we release our 2.0.0.x branch security and stability releases as well our trunk (pre-Firefox 3) releases. If you are a web developer or have a site that you would like to test during our release candidate cycle, we invite you to join this list. We will announce and communicate when builds are ready to test by using this list, so you will have a chance during the release candidate cycle to identify any possible issues *before* we push bits live. We may also periodically send out alerts when we need focused testing in an area.

Our community is a valuable resource, and we hope we can build a network of trusted testers who we can count on to help us make the web experience great for all of our users. If you feel you meet the criteria, please visit to apply for membership to the list"

What shall we expect from Forefox3beta5??

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    • truereason profile image

      truereason 9 years ago from Kerala India

      Mozilla Firefox will surely deliver what expected out of them....correct?