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Mrs McGreevey Has Slow Book Sales Who Cares

Updated on August 27, 2008

Ex-Mrs. McCreepy (Sorry, McGreevey) Has Slow Book Sales - Don't Get Me Started!

As you know from my previous post, I was one of the few homosexuals who was not all that fired up about the coming out of the governor of New Jersey as he stepped down from office. Why you may ask? Because to me, Jim McGreevey has always seemed a little McCreepy. (Read the blog here...Jim McGreevey Is A Little McCreepy For This Gay) And even after I saw him on Oprah there was something that just seemed a bit suspect to me. Well, not to be out done by her ex, the soon to be divorced Mrs. McGreevey has been published too. Ex-Mrs. McCreepy (sorry, McGreevey) has slow book sales - Don't Get Me Started!

Blaming her ex-husband for the slow book sales of her book about her long suffering experiences of finding out her hubby was gay, Jim and Dina McGreevey rate right up there for me with the Buttafucos and Amy Fisher. Remember their story? Remember now how you don't care about it? <True story time - my parents were at some event in New York that the Buttafucos attended too. My mother, never one to be at a loss for words, when introduced to Mary Jo (Buttafuco's wife) made the usual small talk and then came out with this classic gem, "How's your face?" - yet another reason I love my mother!>

My point for both McGreeveys is that someone needs to let you know that your fifteen minutes of fame have definitely expired. You've both been on Oprah and couldn't even manage to make a best selling book out of the appearance so all ready you've got to know that you're both really dull (even with ghost writers). If you want the public to care about you, read your books or even possibly buy them, you're going to have to put some more money in the media meter. Jim, you'll have to leave the rich Australian billionaire that you've created Southfork New Jersey with and start dating Lance Bass. Dina, you'll have to start your own talk show titled, "So you think your husband is gay?" The problem is that neither of you are interesting enough to pull either of those off.

And have you seen Jim McGreevey at his Southfork New Jersey? Oh my God, he and his luvah have managed to get every gay cliché picture perfect. They have this sprawling mansion where they lounge on their wood Adirondack chairs looking at the big mansion while the dogs run around in the yard. The thing is that you get the very distinct impression that you wouldn't want to be in either's company for a long period of time and since all you got to see of the house on the Oprah show was a fussy early American living room; the feeling I got was that they have doilies all over God creation, looking as though they took the house from some ninety year old grandmother and just loved everything about it so didn't change a thing. Who doesn't love a spinning wheel in the center of a room next to the Betsy Ross inspired rocker? It just makes you go, "Hmmm. I thought the gays had better taste than this....well, I know I do ...hmmm...the straights can have Jim back, effective immediately."

I have had gay friends who have been married to women and while I understand that the guys think they're being all butch and covering it, I have to say that the only way a woman could not know that they were gay is because they didn't want to know that they were gay. These women, who look at a man as if he may be the "one" are really just looking for the white dress and picket fence no matter what the cost to them personally. And in the case of Dina McGreevey, if you don't think for a minute she didn't have her eyes on being First Lady instead of Jim's crotch you're mistaken. Of course, in the cruelest twist of fate, Jim became First Lady and Dina became, well...someone who can't sell books.

Times have changed and there is no reason for gay men to try to "fit" in with straight society by marrying women, ruining unsuspecting women's lives and yet there are millions in that position right now. The thing is, with Oprah's "down low" or "DL" show and with all the media that the gay celebs get when they come out, you would think that at the very least Mrs. McGreevey could sell some books with her topic, right? I haven't read her or her husband's book (and I won't) but perhaps she took the wrong approach.

Instead of writing about her long suffering (building her own cross and dragging it on the lawn of the governor's mansion) perhaps she should have really been writing about all the tell-tale signs that she claims she never saw in her husband or their relationship? Seems to me that an approach like that would truly assist women in the same situation rather than claiming ignorance for four hundred pages, causing everyone to wonder how she could have deluded herself for so long. She should tell stories (even if they were made up) of how Jim would tell her that indeed what she had put on to wear to the cocktail party DID make her look fat. He would make her change blouses over and over again until he liked what she had on before photo ops with the press. Now this is the kind of stuff we would be interested in, right? Then we might have some sympathy for her or even read her book. But unfortunately, such is not the case. And while I agree that she was married under false pretenses and I feel a bit sorry for her, I don't feel sorry for her that she managed to take an interesting topic and make it so dull no one cares about it. Ex-Mrs. McCreepy (sorry, McGreevey) has slow book sales - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      Ha ha! She&#39;ll need a good beard now that she&#39;ll have gotten rid of the (coke) moustache!

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      That&#39;s why the minute Lindsay Lohan gets out of rehab I&#39;m marrying her!!! :)

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      Yeah, you have to wonder. I think some of the women who marry closeted gay men are in denial, others think they can &quot;fix&quot; them (no doubt the Christianists support this sort of delusion), and others are after their own careers &amp; lifestyle (all the women marrying closeted Hollywood celebrities would count here).