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Music Technology

Updated on September 27, 2007

Computer Music and New Digital Technology

The digital age has opened up thousands of new ways for people to express themselves creatively; musicians can now create symphonies on their computer, or take sampled recordings of traditional instruments and process them in ways that would have been simply impossible in the days before the advent of modern electronics.

There has always been a certain inertia to overcome when instigating change; many people forget that the technologies we take for granted today were once new, revolutionary and, in some cases, passionately opposed. The piano is an example of such music technology; its arrival caused quite a stir in the music world, and yet we take it for granted today as a typical example of a 'traditional' instrument.

Electronic Music and Technology

There are some people who feel that electronic music is not 'real' music, that it somehow debases the artform and is innately inferior to that of more 'traditional' instruments; however, I believe that the tools are a means for the artist to express themselves, and criticism of the tools themselves is somewhat misguided.

Anything that enhances creativity and provides more options for music creation must be a good thing; but just because it's suddenly much easier to make bad music shouldn't detract from the fact that these tools can be used to make great music also.

After all, anyone can play guitar; but only a few can use it to write a great song. This has always been the case, no matter what technology is available, and will continue to be the case no matter what technology we invent in the future..

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    • xrated profile image

      xrated 9 years ago

      Yes, technology is everywhere. Music is not spared.