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My Great Grandparents Ways of Staying GREEN

Updated on August 13, 2008

Clean and Safe

I'm a Sarawakian, a Salako ethnic, that is the sub-tribe of the Bidayuh comunity in Malaysia.Before I was even born, my great grandparents have pratice ways of staying green without any expensive tools or gadgets to create it. They just have to learned the khnow how through trial and error, and yet it is very effective indeed.

First, how to cooked a fish without any fire? We have two originals ways, one is using pure ascorbic acid found in local fruits, which is very sour and the tree is just like torny palm tree that we call " Asam Paya ". What we needs to do is clean the fish and mixed it with the " asam paya " juice, lots of it, plus a bits of salt and, pounded hot chillies. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes, and its ready to be eaten. Second, if we have lots of fish to be kept for a longer time, and can be eaten two or three weeks later, we fermented the fish with salts and rice. When we want to eat it, mixed the fermented fish with some lime juice, plus a fews slice of hot chillies, and its ready. We called its " Kasam Ikan ".

Second, how to keep your finger nails shiny and clean? Its an easy ways and tips to it. First, get yourself a fresh picked green lime. Cuts the green lime into half, and dig your nails as you squeeze the half cuts green lime around your finger tips. Repeat it with all your finger, and after you finish, rinse your hands and wipe clean. There you can see the result. Your finger nails will looked great.

Third, how to clean your blacken sooty wok? Gets a powdered after burned woods ash. Mixed its with a bit of water, and then use it by rubbing it on your blacken sooty wok. You will be suprise that your blacken sooty wok will be clean.

Fourth, how to clean and make your hair shinny? Have you ever heard of a sour star fruit variety? First gets a few sour star fruit, boil it until it turn slighly turn brown. After that, keep it cool and then squeeze it to get the juice on top of your wet hair. Then massage the juice and the flesh into your scalp and hair. After you feel satisfied with what you have done, rinse your head and hair thoroughly, and lets your hair dry. When you hair dry, gets a few drops of pure coconut oil, and rub it all over your hair. Keep your hair for the whole night and then wash it the next day. Then you can feel the different to your hair.

As you all can see, all the ingredients source that my great grandparents use is purely natural and no chemical use. I think this is one way how we can reduce all the chemical usage in our house hold products nowadays.


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 9 years ago from America

      Very interesting hub. I will have to try the lime for finger nails. We have iron in our water and makes finger nails look bad.